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Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by Haverhill, Aug 6, 2010.

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    Thanks for the photos. I think part of the aura of the ballpark is that it is built into such a compacted, small area. Being familiar with the area, I remember thinking that's there's no way that a baseball park would be suitable in such a small space.
    Now that it's finished, it's a stroke of genius. It adds to the charm and environmment, and makes Target Field stand out much more than if it had been built in some wide open space.
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    As a Twins fan, I can say it's much, much nicer to be outside. I wasn't sure if we'd lose some sort of advantage by moving out of the Dome, at first, but with the exception of the apparent inability to hit HRs, I don't really think there's much of a difference.

    The proximity to the rest of downtown, along with the extension of the light rail system seems to be, so far, a great idea. I know people were concerned about traffic congestion. Now, if we can replace the Dome with a new outdoor football stadium, I'd be pretty happy, though at least with football you can argue that December/January in Minnesota can be cold enough that you really don't want to be outside.
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    Some friends have gone on that tour. I walked around it sometime back in February.

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