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Sep 24, 2013
Ames, IA
Sep 12, 2020; Ames, Iowa, USA; Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns running back Trey Ragas (9) is tackled by Iowa State Cyclones defensive end Zach Petersen (55) at Jack Trice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Eisworth was clearly annoyed with the question.

The Cyclones’ star senior safety had gotten tired of repeating himself after Iowa State’s 31-14 loss to Louisiana to open the 2020 season. He had been asked about the offense’s struggles and the special teams woes that played major roles in the loss to the Ragin’ Cajuns.

Did they add pressure to an Iowa State defense that, in large part, played really well against the Sun Belt favorites?

“It doesn’t put any pressure on us as a defense. I feel like I’ve answered that question two or three times now,” Eisworth said. “There’s nothing that rattles our defense. There’s no added pressure. Special teams, offensive, none of that stuff. We step on the field, we have the same...
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Sep 2, 2012
If margins means poor special teams coverage, and a stale offense, that sums it up. :rolleyes:


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Aug 19, 2019
I like the sentiment in this thread.

“We need to take the field and start kicking ass from play one until the the other team gives up.”

I’d love to hear Campbell or one of the players say this. It’s a game. Be passionate.

I heard a wrestling coach say recently that he wants his wrestlers to be fearless, joyful savages. That’s what I want to see.


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Nov 15, 2011
I know there wasn't much of a crowd but the game clock was turned on last weekend, right?

Right now I'd be happy if ISU happens to be down by 10 with about 10 minutes left, and they look like they noticed and then respond.
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Oct 20, 2006
Arlington, TX
If I read correctly that article earlier today, Bruns was suggesting that ISU's offense just doesn't do enough to push/challenge the opposition's defense. I'm pretty sure Jay Jordan said the same thing several times last year. That's not a "margins" issue, that issue is smack dab right in the middle of the content...


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Jan 13, 2010
Well it's about that time but I think it's pretty clear the Honeymoon is over. This year may be the make it or break it year. The staff is really so close that it would be sad if they don't make a significant change of offense. The defense could be absolutely dominating this year. Hopefully we don't end up like 2005 again.