Sportswriters, columnists, and talk show hosts in Iowa

Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by Madclone1, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Okay . . . let me say up front:

    I do not buy the Des Moines Register (I read it "on line"). I appreciate the opportunity to read on line.

    I do listen to KXNO's afternoon programs for at least an hour or so, twice a week.

    Here is what I observe about Keeler in particular:

    Keeler may be able to turn a word, simile, or adjective but he does so at the expense of other people. I may agree with most of his critical comments . . but he often parrots OLD NEWS. For those seeking new, fresh, positive insights about athletes, schools, and competition . . . you may have to read another columnist. But where are they?

    It must be very difficult for him to create and write stories that inspire. Great sports columnists have the ability to do just that. IMHO Keeler's pen betrays his soul.

    Keeler is a wave rider . .wind surfer! When the Hawkeyes win, he often sails. When ISU wins he often diminishes (see his pattern of comments about ISU football).

    Keeler could be a great writer to inspire . . but he cannot change who he is. I read Keeler because I always hope he will change . . but like spots on a leopard that will probably never happen. Sad.
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    Well…there's no one coming to the Des Moines Register anytime soon if people are freeloading the material. I understand some people have their reasons for not buying the newspaper. That's their choice. But you get what you pay for. Newspapers generate their money from ad revenue and ad revenue is driven by subscriptions numbers. The little banner ads on the internet site aren't going to be paying for any additional sports writers anytime soon.

    I think Jamie Pollard would back me up on this one. :wink:
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    Keeler's article today was dead on. It was a fair evaluation. Sometimes the truth hurts.
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    Maybe dead on . . but old, OLD news and gossip. You can take everyone of his points and find them already discussed on this site (some for several weeks now).

    Fresh ideas, new insights, and some great human events sports stories would be a miracle coming from Keeler.

    BTW, I mentioned this team would only win a few games WAY back a couple of months ago . . so, no bad news for me.

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