Sophomore has passion for defense

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    Denae Stuckey has uttered words that coach Bill Fennelly insists he has never heard from one of his women's basketball recruits at Iowa State.

    "The thing I like best is defense," Stuckey said.

    That borders on shocking because Cyclone recruits almost always talk about how they like Iowa State's wide-open offense, in which everyone has the green light to shoot a 3-pointer.

    So when Stuckey talks about defense being paramount, it's a sentiment Fennelly welcomes, although he says he hasn't heard it from other recruits.

    "Never, never, never," Fennelly said.

    Stuckey, a sophomore from Kansas City, Kan., played last season at Butler Community College, where she was an all-region player. She is a 5-foot-8 guard who offers Iowa State something it has lacked, a speedy perimeter defender and a quick slasher to the basket.

    "She is different than any kid we've ever had at the guard spot," Fennelly said. "She's explosive off the dribble. We've never really had anyone that, when the shot clock is winding down, could flat blow by you, and I think she has that ability. We haven't had someone that can be a lock-down, on-the-ball defender."

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    Yeah...she definitely looked like she could really contribute to this team in their first game. Granted, they were playing a D-III school, but you could still tell she was talented...

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