Shooting survivor Miya Rodolfo-Sioson dies.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by CloneFan65, Dec 15, 2008.

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    A recent unrelated thread turned ugly and included a reference to the Gang Lu shooting in Iowa City 15 or 20 years ago. The tragedy affected everyone in the state, both Cyclones and Hawkeyes alike. I recently heard the news that one of the victims, Miya Rodolfo-Sioson from Ames died of breast cancer at the age of 40. I was inspired by Miya’s story of spending her years, paralyzed from the gunshot wound, being an advocate for the disabled in San Francisco. Although I never knew Miya, I’m proud to know that she came from my home town of Ames.

    Gang Lu shooting survivor Miya Rodolfo-Sioson dies of cancer | - Cedar Rapids, Iowa City
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    I brought this up in the other thread as a response to a Hawkeye troll. I regret all loss of innocent life, especially victims of violent crime such as that episode. I hope Miya is in a better place.

    In no way was I trying to make fun of the episode or those hurt by it, and I hope nobody took it that way. I was using it to point out hypocrisy by a poster who has finally shown his classless Hawkeye nature.
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    I went to high school Miya and she was truly a gentle and generous spirit. She was a great representative of the Ames High Class of 1986. She spent the rest of her life serving others after the Iowa City shootings. I hope she is at rest now.

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