Scholarship situation when McCarney took over?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Omaha Cy, Feb 8, 2011.

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    During his tenure was Walden able to overcome the scholarship limits imposed from the Criner sanctions and have a full roster on hand? I'd guess he did not, because you have to believe a program with a full compliment of players does not go 0-10-1.

    I don't recall when scholarship limits were reduced to 85....I want to say 1992.

    At what point in his tenure was Dan playing with a full deck? Of players that is. Im curious to dig up a little info on the early days of Mac at ISU, and just what he had at his disposal during that time.
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    I can't remember whether it was Walden or Mac who got nailed with annual schollies going from "unlimited" to, I think, 30--but that didn't help. Pretty sure that Mac was hit with the reduction to 85, but that didn't matter for a couple of years--since he only had something like 45 returnees on the team when he took over.

    Of course, only a small handful (4-5) of those 45 were quality DI players--which included Troy Davis.
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    Walden went from 6-5 in 1989 to o'fer's. I don't think scholarship reductions were the main issue.

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