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Discussion in 'Ticket Exchange' started by allenj32, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Never been to the BMO Harris Bradley Center, so I'm not sure of the scalping opportunities.

    Is it anything like KC for the Big 12 tourney, as there are plenty of tickets readily available down there always to scalp? Trying to decide whether or not to get tickets before leaving DSM or waiting until we get up there.
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    Also interested in answer to this. Could drive over from Mpls tomorrow but have never been to arena area.
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    I was there yesterday. Scalping is out front. May be a tough ticket with ISU purdue. We had top row seats and moved to mid court second row upper deck when Purdue fans left. I could have gone down to lower deck possibly but didn't try. First few rows upper deck pretty good seats. If you are buying singles/doubles get the cheapest possible and move around.
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    Aug 17, 2009
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    For those of you interested in such things, here are some notes from Milwaukee:

    All the single seat tickets for Session 3 on Saturday were sold by Thursday night.

    No extra tickets were released by the Bradley Center on Friday or Saturday.

    Stub Hub nearly sold out on Saturday. At 7:40pm when Stub Hub closed the event, there was one single seat ticket left for $277. The lowest Stub Hub prices on Saturday evening were $165 and $177 for single seat tickets (both bought by Purdue fans). All the rest that I saw sold for more than $200 each.

    There were almost no tickets for sale outside the stadium during the second half of the first game on Saturday. I saw one guy who said he had a pair, but didn't have them out in his hand, so I think he was fishing for someone else who had the tickets. A few Wisconsin guys walked up and one of them said he'd take $100 for his ticket. I think he was joking and thought it was an outlandish price. I grabbed the ticket and gave him $100 before a scalper could get him and then rushed into the Bradley Center. So, I don't know what it was like outside between games or at the start of ours, but it seemed like there were almost no tickets seen.

    Bottom line. Good deals for Saturday were almost non-existent. Those of you who paid upper $100's or lower $200's for the balcony didn't get ripped off. That was market value.
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    There were all of 8 tickets released on Saturday afternoon per the people standing in line that I talked to around 5:45 that day.

    My brother-in-law and I were lucky that some Wisconsin fans were willing to part with lower-bowl corner tickets for $200 each. They initially wanted only $150, but a scalper got in his ear before I could get my cash out.
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    Thanks for the additional info.

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