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Discussion in 'Football' started by DistrictCyclone, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I had a dream tonight...

    Tomorrow morning, a bunch of well-heeled, football-savvy folks (think T.Boone & Jerry Jones types) get together and decide to screw the BCS. They convince the 10 BCS schools to decline their invitations and, instead, stage a rogue playoff. These wealthy guys would bid out the broadcast rights for the whole package, and agree to pay for any legal costs/penalties/etc. incurred by the schools.

    To get Alabama and LSU to go along with the plan, they both get byes for the first 2 rounds. The whole thing goes down like this:

    Round 1
    Stanford v. Ok State (Fiesta)
    Michigan v. VA Tech (Sugar)
    WVU v. Clemson (Orange)
    Sconnie v. Oregon (Rose)

    Round 2
    Fiesta v. Sugar (Game A)
    Orange v. Rose (Game B)

    Round 3
    Game A vs. Alabama
    Game B vs. LSU

    Round 4
    Championship Game

    This would put to bed worry about a disputed champion, assuage most concerns about fairness (the Big 12 is still getting screwed here), and how could this thing not make money? Maybe what the BCS needs is for someone to actually show them that a playoff can be even more lucrative than a separate bowl system.

    A guy can dream.

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