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    cyclone NATION had a nice article on potential quarterbacks that we are recruiting.
    greg ohlson did a nice report on four qbs we are recruiting.

    there was a new name that i had not seen b4.
    that is reggie garrett from west orange stark, texas.
    west orange stark ,texas is a texas 3a school and they r predicting that west orange stark will win their conference.
    back to mr garrett- he is 6-3 185 and runs the 40 in 4.6. i assume he had over a 2000 yd performance in total offense last year,because they r predicting that he will be well over the 2000 yd mark this year if he stays healthy. he has a nice wide receiver to pitch the ball to in wr mark roberts whois 6-4 180 4.5 in the 40.
    that is all that i can dig up on mr.garrett.LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD RECRUIT.

    GO CYCLONES!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Stats from Rivals for 2009.

    82 attempts for 402 yds and 13 TDs
    84 of 174 for 1264 yds and 11 Td and 6 ints

    Looks like a good dual threat kid. Needs to improve accuracy and get his completion percentage up. They are probably predicting big numbers because he is on a good team with good targets to throw to. ISU is the only offer showing up on Rivals to obviously the staff sees something in him. I am guessing they would still prefer to get one of the higher rated dual threat guys that they have offers out to.

    FYI, his best WR Mark Roberts, is already verballed to Houston and had an offer from ISU.

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    Mark Roberts - 32 receptions last year
    Garrett - 84 completed passes (48% completion rate)

    I would really like to see that completion percentage move up this season - although it's not bad for a HS Jr. It's nice to see that we're in on this kid early, hopefully he also shows some improvement in reading the field and distributing his passes better - unless Roberts really is that good.

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