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    I've got to get some positive word out there after last Sat. game...Oh by the way, Evidently Mike Martz was copying McFarlands play calling....come on one play from the 1-2 yard line and you think your best chance is to simply run the middle??? YIKES!!!!

    Okay our judge where our class is compared to last years, based on ESPN evaluations, the class could be something very special. Since 2006, we've only had one class that has had more then 10 players rated in the top 150 at their position once. Currently, we have 11 which is the most by any class, and we have several scholarships still to be delivered.

    Based on Chiziks comments, he's looking at a class consisting of the following:

    3 DEs (Martin)
    1DT (None)
    2Safetys (Broomfield and Butler)
    2 CB (Reeves)
    1QB (McHargue)
    1TE (Boffeli)
    4-5OL (Lichtenberg)
    3? WR (Lenz, Washington)
    ?? RB (White, Blankenship)
    ??LB (Klein, Mosby)
    1 return specialist esp. to return punts (Beshears)

    14 commits - somewhere around 10 schollies left.

    Which leaves:
    2 DE (Stansly Maponga, Delano Johnson, Luke Sager #53 , Ian Knight #57, LaChris Anyiam #115, Germad Reed)
    1 DT (Akeem Spence #32 or Mark Blessington #77, Corey Gaines #121, Josh Elizondo #53, Anyiam LaChris)
    1 CB (JC Rudell Crim, Andrew Green #43, Jarvis Byrd #79, Eddie Foster, Devin Jackson #106)
    3-4 OL (Lechner #17, Mitchell #47, Mottla #9, Hendrickson #89, JC Carpenter, Hunter Poole #60, Scott Hernandez)
    1-2 WR (Travis Reynolds #29, Sterling Griffin #70, Bradley Wallace #101, JC Money Reynolds, Kris Lott #124, Willie Jefferson #61)
    1 LB (Larry Reed #84, Mike Marry #50, Joel Kight #46, Larry Reed #78, Daniel Prior)
    1 Athlete (Bryant Allen #38, Brodrick Jenkins, Isaac Virgin)

    We put any form of the remainder of this class together and the foundation is set. I have argued this point over and over regarding talent. Chizik came in at a time that the offense of the big 12 was moving from the traditional power football/pro football game to the wing it and sling it of todays Big 12 football. Gone are the days of traditional smash mouth football, today its about excitement and scoring - no other major conference in the nation can equal the big 12 in scoring. Chizik not only took over a rebuilding program but also a major transition to a team that can line up 4-5 DBs and stop some of the most explosive offenses college football has ever seen. We need talent across the board especially on the defensive side of the ball.

    As one of my favorite coaches said - If you expect to cook the supper, let me shop for the groceries. Chizik and his staff are getting the groceries, and once we start winning, the recruiting will be more of replacement or improvement rather then complete revamping.
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    Washington is a corner. At least, I assume that since Chizik told him he reminded him of Carlos Rogers, I'm jumping to the conclusion he's projected as a corner.
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    I thought back in June already that we would bring in one of the best classes that ISU has seen in a long time. I think that some winning would of helped that, but it still looks like a good class. Still, I remember what the class looked like before signing day and what it was like after. We could be positively surprised by some players and negatively about others.
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    The thing that Chizik made clear some weeks ago, is that it's not going to be one recruiting class that gets his defense where he wants it to be, but a succession of them.

    That said, Mike Marry would seem to be a huge get, along with a couple of hte defensive ends. Laying the foundation, and patching the holes. Andrew Green looks to me to be in the mold of Benton and Johnson. ake the talent where you can get it, and sort ir out later.

    I wouldn't be shocked to see another running back (perhaps even two) signed, if the interest is there.

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