Records of Big 12's Top 5

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    Only games between schools in the Top 5 of the conference:

    KU 6-2 (OT win vs ISU, 2OT win vs OSU, OT win vs ISU), 0 games remaining
    KSU 4-3, 1 game remaining (OSU)
    OSU 2-4 (OT win vs OU, 2OT loss vs KU), 2 games remaining (ISU, KSU)
    OU 2-5 (OT loss vs OSU), 1 game remaining (ISU)
    ISU 2-4 (OT loss vs KU, OT loss vs KU) 2 games remaining (OSU, OU)

    Looks like the top half of the Big 12 is pretty even. Assuming the top 5 win the remainder of their games against the bottom 5, and all the top 5 matchups are toss-ups, ISU is in a decent position to still play itself into a 2nd or 3rd place finish. Just make sure to get that bye going into the Big 12 Tourney.
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    Stay in the Top 5, we are in.
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    Kansas is 5-3 overall, 1-1 against us.

    We are 3-3 against the top 5. I refuse to acknowledge this abortion of a game as a victory for the Jayskwaks.

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