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    EVANSTON, Ill. - After a couple of unfruitful trips to the Midlands finals, Iowa State's Jon Reader finally captured the elusive title with a 9-4 victory over fifth-ranked Ben Bennett of Central Michigan in the 174-pound title match. Missouri won the meet with 103.5 points. Iowa State was eighth with 63.5 despite competed with a depleted lineup.

    Reader hit a very quick low single and immediately tilted Bennett for three points. After racking up over two minutes of riding time, Reader was reversed by Bennett to make the score 5-2 at the end of the first period. Bennett chose down to start the second period and was ridden the entire period by Reader. The senior from Davison, Mich. chose to start the third period in the neutral position. Bennett scored a controversial takedown, which Reader scrambled out of very quickly to make the score 6-4. Reader iced the match with a takedown with only 20 seconds left. He racked up over four minutes of riding time in a dominant 9-4 victory.

    More online at Iowa State University Athletics Official Web Site - - The home of Iowa State Cyclone Sports.

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    Good for him. Hopefully it's a sign for things to come in March. That's a dominant performance at a great tournament.
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    Finally! Glad to see he broke through and got the championship. Overall I think we had a great Midlands (though I wish half the team hadn't been sick or injured) and I think we'll be overachieving in March if Midlands is any indication.

    Also, thanks for the wrestling coverage Chris! I really didn't mean to call you out a few days ago, I know that Football and basketball are king. Just want Wrestling's existence acknowledged!

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