question for those that went to the UNLV game a few years ago...

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Nov 25, 2006
Bella Vista, Arkansas
Our group is really showing interest in making the road trip to the UNLV game next year.

Need some insight though....

How far from Vegas (meaning the strip) is the UNLV stadium?

And what hotels did everyone stay at? Where did the team stay? Curious if many stayed on the strip and then made the drive or not.

I really think this will be a great time and need to seriously lock into some hotel rooms.

Thanks guys!


Facebook Knows All
Mar 20, 2006
Urbandale, IA
There will be many Iowa State fans making that trip. The stadium is a few miles from the fly right over it landing at the airport.

When I go to Vegas, I have always stayed on the strip because you are within walking distance of pretty much anything you want to do.

As for where the team will stay...I have no clue.


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SuperFanatic T2
Nov 12, 2006
Lakewood Ranch, FL
It is a great trip and we had a good time. We stayed on the strip and I think most people did stay on the strip.

The stadium is a long way from the strip and it is not easy to get public transportation back from the stadium. The traffic was bad, there was a big fight in town so it was hard to get a limo both ways. Next year when we go, we will rent a car for the day of the game and drive ourselves.

You do not need to worry about locking in hotel rooms quite yet. There are is a large inventory on the strip, and actually deals get better about two to three months from the weekend you want to go. ISU fans will be a blip to the hotels on the strip.

It is worth the trip!
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Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2006
There is almost no wrong place to stay in Vegas. The stadium isnt too far from the airport or strip. I got married out there and 3 of my best friends have lived out there for quite some time. Some of our fvorites have been...

Teasure Island- Trendy, we got married there.
Monte Carlo- Best all around, not too far from anything, great brew pub, inexpensive, cant say enough.
Paris-Very nice.
New York NewYork-Close to airport, ESPN zone. Sports fans flock there
MGM Grand-Nothing special

Monte Carlo would be my choice. Its within walking distance or cheap cab ride of a lot of stuff. We usually rent a car since we have friends way off the strip, but its easy to get around with a map.

If you're married go to NY NY piano bar. Its a great place for couple's or anyone to have a great time.


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Apr 11, 2006
I used to live in Las Vegas before I moved to Alaska. Nobody that lives in Las Vegas would consider Sam Boyd stadium to be close to the Strip. If there are other venues going on (such as a title fight at Thomas & Mack) the traffic could be a monster.

Although the traffic can be heavy, its a straight shot east on Tropicana Blvd to get to Sam Boyd Stadium.


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Apr 11, 2006
The piano bar can be a lot of fun at New York, New York.

In addition, there are so many venues for concerts in Las Vegas, it's quite probable that there may be an act worth catching the same week-end.

Another recommendation would be to see the Blue Man Group who perform nightly at the Venetian.

I would spend less on lodging to maximize the amount to spend on activities around town.


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Nov 22, 2006
42.186391, -93.598597
Sam Boyd is a long haul from the MGM, NYNY, and Luxor. In fact when we were out there for the last UNLV game we took a cab out to the stadium, only to find out that NO CABS run out at the field. In a reveation of drunk logic, we decided to turn our shirts inside out and stow away on the UNLV Tour Bus after one my friends was asked if we were "on the tour." Make sure you arrange transportation back ahead of time.

Take it from me, if it is your first visit to Vegas go to a posh hotel. It's a great experience. However, if you're on a budget keep in mind you'll be spending 10 hours or less in there during your time visiting. If I went again, I would stay on Fremont Street at the Nugget or some of the older hotels on the northern edge of the strip. They are nice places, but don't have the gee-whiz attractions.


Well-Known Member
Apr 10, 2006
Hiawatha, Iowa
I usually stay at the Plaza downtown, sure it isn't as nice, but as the last poster said it is generally just a place to sleep. And I can usually get free rooms or dirt cheap on the weekends. Which gives me more money to spend on other stuff.