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    Hi all CycloneFanatics,

    Something is coming up where we (company I work for) will need help in creating a custom Db application for a front end subscription update module for our web portal. This module (I am working on the business plan) will require the reference/lookup of an internal Db (SQL), analyze data entered into site, dynamic screens based on data and then sent to internal Db for company use.

    While I am not a Db guru by any means, I know what the finished product should do and look like. This, of course, isn't a formal request for a bid, but a feeler for possibilities inside the Cyclone world. Only serious posts in this thread please (will remove all others). General questions will be answered here and specific ones will be answered via PM.

    I expect this to have a green light in about 4 weeks, then the shopping starts. I plan on stopping by here first for potential contracts.

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    Sounds like you need a dba.... hey wait, that is what I do!

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