Post Pictures/Stories of Your Old, Favorite or Sentimental Firearms

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    Saw the handguns advice thread and thought there are enough gun nuts (aka enthusiasts!) here to start a thread on old, favorite, or sentimental guns.

    Here goes mine, all old and sentimental to me:

    German 8mm G43 manufactured in April 1944. My dad picked it up in June 1944 at Normandy so it was almost new when he “liberated†it. He was a combat medic and carried it with him the rest of the war. Officers didn’t like medics being armed so if challenged about the why he was armed he would say “It’s only a souvenir, sir!â€. Loaded souvenir with clips of 8mm!

    This 1920-30s vintage Ortigies 7.65 manufactured by Deutsche-Werke was picked up in a poker game by my dad. Spent WWII in the front pocket of his fatigue jacket from Normandy to the Battle of Bulge.

    This old 1902 Colt .38 auto was my great-grandfathers. It’s in great shape because it did not bounce around Europe in WWII. It’s like a 1911 .45 except it is .38 cal. The old back Colt grips cracked apart decades ago so I had some custom grips made. Haven’t fired it since the ‘70s when a college buddy and I took it out to the range with and shot up an old cotton sack full of shells. Those old shells were firing “hot†and it was at twilight and fire was belching out of the barrel. After we were done I noticed a bunch of the spent casings were spilt. Dumb kid I was. Told the old man about it later and he said “Jesus, those shells were old when I left for WWIIâ€.[​IMG]

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