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    Quick thought between the NCAA Football and Basketball championships from this year.

    First, I dislike both schools so to me, NCAA sports were a little bland this year :biggrin9gp:

    Second, do you consider the UF win in basketball or football more impressive? Here's my take on it.

    Football: OSU went into the BCS Title game as the unanimous #1 seed, a rank which it held all year round. Some controversy with Florida making the title game but nothing that will be remembered in a few years. Florida absolutely killed OSU in every aspect of the game. UF looked like the #1 team and OSU looked like every other Big X school in a big game. Leak and Tebow were basically unstoppable. Troy Smith looked like I do when I play a serious game of football. Pretty impressive win for UF to come in an destroy the #1 team in the nation.

    Basketball: OSU and UF took turns being the #1 seed for a few spurts at a time (obviously bball rankings aren't nearly as important as football, but the basic principle remains). UF came off a championship year and repeated (undoubtedly an extremely difficult task). OSU has perhaps the best freshman PG in the nation in Conley JR and one of the most hyped big men since the likes of DRobinson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. UF had experience, talent, depth, and drive to repeat. OSU had the youth and overall talent at every position on the court.

    Comparison: To me, UF's March Madness run much more impressive than the BCS run due to two main reasons.

    1) In my opinion, UF was handed the BCS title. I couldn't even watch the game because OSU should have been playing against a 7th grade girls team. Yes they came into the game not expected to win and knocked off the #1 team, but OSU didn't play like they deserved to win.
    2) Depth. Noah, Horford, and Chris Richard (all UF's bigs against Oden) were plagued with foul trouble. However, whatever OSU threw at UF, they answered. Oden had a great game (25 and 12) and OSU made some decent attempts at a comeback. However, Florida played with such composure and got production from every player who played, I was actually impressed. UF is obviously a good team, but I actually enjoyed their performance tonight.

    So to me, the basketball championship for UF was much more impressive than beating OSU in the BCS title game.....just thought I'd throw some thoughts out there because I need an excuse not to start studying for a Calc exam at 10am tomorrow morning :laugh8kb:

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