*** Official IOWA STATE Vs Miami Game(Day) Thread ***


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Dec 2, 2019
Great season. Sweet 16 is nothing to scoff at, especially after last season. Great season. Got to get some better players to round out this team in the transfer portal.
Can't agree more. Love what this team accomplished, they punched above their weight all year.

TJ also has to find a way to get more talent on offense heading into next season. IMO the 2 and 5 are the spots that need it the most, especially if Brockington goes pro. He hasn't been great in the tourney on offense but carried the roster to the tournament. Excited to see what the future holds, but also just don't know if you really want to just run it back.


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Apr 11, 2006
Cmon man, be better. We've done plenty of amazing things. THis team has played its heart out all year... if you can't recognize that yourself, then I hope players never see your fandom.
This team on paper even now would probably be picked last in the big 12, this game sucks but doesn’t take away from how much they overachieved.

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