*** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

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Oct 26, 2013
Cedar Rapids
Honest question - I have heard numerous past players talk so highly of Iowa State and the fans but have any defended Phrom and his coaching? Not trying to be smart, I honestly don’t know and am curious.
Tyrese's dad and I want to say Conditt's dad have. Otherwise i don't think so


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May 25, 2012
Rural U.S.A.
It’s not a weird turn. They don’t have the opportunity to get jobs because all their time is spent pursuing their sport.

so if they’re adults, and should be treated as such, then why wouldn’t they deserve compensation like any adult would for doing a job?

edit: Or are you boys really saying you want to pretend they are adults so you can rationalize bashing them for not meeting your standards?

They do get compensation. And they are legal adults.

My mom went to college in her 50's and didn't work at the time. Does that make her a "kid"????


Dec 4, 2008
Overland Park, KS
Sounds like we will hear today how many games we will have rescheduled next week. Seems like it will be no more than two.
I hope at least one is K-State - maybe the last best chance to win, but I won't hold my breath on K-State or the best chance to win. I really want to see them play all the games they can - it may be painful to watch, but I still want to be able to watch all the Cylcones' games I can. I would also like to go to the B12 tourney, but not sure if, or when tickets will be available. I am likely only to see the Clones once, but the level of competition in all the games would be fun to watch this year.


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Apr 10, 2006
Looks like they are making games up. 3 in one week

It will be really interesting to see how the team responds to this announcement. Will they have packed in it already, or are we going to see some fight out of them, particularly on the road?

The only game I think we have a good chance to win out of any of those is @ K State, but we did play Texas tough on the road and Tech is on a bit of cold streak right now.