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  1. Omaha Cy

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    :biglaugh: I'm on a kick this morning and thought a thread was neccesary.

    I have a very special place in my heart for the Sabotage album. Hole in the sky and Symptoms of the universe never fail to slay me. More heavy than should have been allowed for 1975. The thrill of it all is hands down my favorite Sabbath track. The other cuts are solid as well. And you cant discount the snazzy gear they are sporting on the album cover...hehehehehe.

    As a devout metalhead since about 93, this stuff still holds up to anything I own. And i mean anything...grindcore, black metal, whatever. Sabbath is the bee's knee's.
  2. Omaha Cy

    Omaha Cy Well-Known Member

    Perfection musically. Red tights of dooooom, Bill Ward style.
  3. CyForPresident

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    Mar 28, 2006
    Cornlands of Ayuxwa
    Sabbath is my favorite band. Not a big fan of Ozzy's new stuff after he was kicked out of BS. I'm not big into heavy metal but I love anything from the 1970's.

    My top sabbath songs

    The wizard - Possibly my all-time favorite song.
    Sweet Leaf - Currently my ring tone. I get some weird looks when my phone starts coughing.
    Air Dance
    Planet Caravan

    There are too many. I could go on and on. Paranoid is the most infuential album of heavy metal and one of biggest albums in rock. Never say die is my favorite album though. Juniors Eyes, Air Dance, Never Say Die, Johnny Blade, Breakout...the whole thing is just awesome.
  4. Omaha Cy

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    I can't say im nuts about all of Ozzy's solo stuff either. Obviously i love crazy train(and randy rhodes era), and the No more tears(1989?) album was phenominal. After that, Ozzy sorta became irrelevant to me. Heck, its hard for me to believe that Zak Wylde has been jamming for so long since the No more tears days.

    Type O Negative always does a mean Sabbath cover, no matter which song they re-make. Pantera's planet caravan cover is stellar as well. thier mark is forever imprinted on metal....20 years from now Sabbath will still be covered, and the songs will hold up.

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