No Love from Rob D at NBC "Niang Overweight Gym Teacher"

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    No Love from Rob D at NBC

    I will paste the article below so he doesn't get clicks for this garbage. Has ISU Ranked "in his top 20" at 17th last I looked. I guess RPI,BPI, and every other ranking system mean nothing. I mean, we beat Iowa and they have 12 guys that could start for any other team in the country!!! DEEP!!

    Start: I listed Deandre Kane No. 3 in my Player of the Year Power Rankings earlier today, which turned out to be really convenient timing as Kane put on a show on Tuesday night.
    The Iowa State point guard went for 30 points, nine assists, eight boards and five steals while shooting 11-for-18 from the floor as the No. 9 Cyclones put a whipping on No. 7 Baylor in Ames, winning 87-72. It took a while for Fred Hoiberg’s boys to find a rhythm offensively, but once they did, Baylor didn’t stand a chance.
    Iowa State finished the night shooting 54.8% from the floor and 10-for-25 from three. They aren’t going to lose many games when they do that, let alone games in Hilton Coliseum.
    The win pushed Iowa State to 14-0 on the season and 2-0 in Big 12 play and will likely make them seem all-the-more likely to push Kansas and Oklahoma State in the Big 12 race.
    So just how good are the Cyclones?
    Honestly, I don’t think we know yet.
    Look, this is one of the most entertaining teams in the country to watch. They love to get up and down the floor. They jack up threes like few teams in the country are capable of. They are actually defending this season, instead of merely looking at the defensive end of the floor as an inconvenience. Kane is an all-american at this point in the season, and Melvin Ejim, Georges Niang and Dustin Hogue are all all-Big 12 caliber talents.
    They’re also a nightmare to try and matchup with. Kane is a physical, 6-foot-5 presence at the point guard spot. He can post up and overpower smaller defenders. The three big men on this team — Ejim, Niang, and Hogue — are all atypical forwards. Ejim and Hogue are terrific athletes that can run the floor. Niang is slow and looks like an overweight gym teacher but he is one of the most skilled offensive players in the Big 12. Every player on the Iowa State roster can hit threes.
    They spread you out, they let Kane create off the bounce and they trust that they’ll find the mismatch or the open three on the perimeter. The beauty of it is its simplicity.
    So yeah, I think Iowa State is a good basketball team. I have them ranked in my top 20.
    But I’m still not completely convinced that this is really a top ten team for a couple of reasons. ISU shot up in the polls because of wins over Michigan, BYU and Iowa. Well, neither that Michigan win or that BYU win looks nearly as impressive now as it did when it happened, and if we’re being completely honest, the Cyclones beat Iowa because the Hawkeyes gave that game away down the stretch.
    Smacking around Baylor is a statement, and trust me when I tell you that point is not lost on me. But it’s a win that came at Hilton Coliseum, which is one of the best home environments in the country. I’m not sure there are ten tougher places to pick up a win in the country when Iowa State is good, and they’re good this year.
    Prove it with wins on the road this year, wins that have some more umph that at BYU or at Texas Tech or over Boise State in Hawaii.
    ISU’s next seven games look like this: at Oklahoma, Kansas, at Texas, Kansas State, at Kansas, Oklahoma, at Oklahoma State.
    Let’s see how they fare during that stretch. If they’re still sitting in the top ten, I’ll gladly eat these words.
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    Re: No Love from Rob D at NBC

    Just another example of someone who would question ISU's ability if it won the NC while going undefeated in the regular season.
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    Re: No Love from Rob D at NBC

    Niang looks like "an overweight gym teacher"? Damn, that aint right! The kids not ripped or anything but c'mon!
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    Re: No Love from Rob D at NBC

    I think Iowa State is deserving of their number 9 ranking and I do think they will win the Big XII Championship. To a certain degree, I see this guys point. The Michigan and BYU wins don't seem so glaring now. BYU has really struggled lately!

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    This is good. With all the positive and glowing press, we're running out of writers to hate.
    Kudos to this weasel for stepping up to the plate.
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    Haters gonna hate. The sad thing is, if/when we finally lose a game I wouldn't be shocked to see the polls drop us down to about 15 or so just because we aren't a blue blood program or a team that is considered to "belong". At that point writers like this will feel justified in what they have stated up to this point and down play Iowa State's success and capabilities.
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    "Iowa gave it away down the stretch"

    That's a good one. Did he forget that Niang missed two free throws down the stretch too? Iowa State scored 85 points on Iowa, how did Iowa give that away, how did ISU score that many points on mighty Iowa? Say Gessell makes those two free throws, there was still 12 secs. left, by that point in the game Iowa had no answer for Niang and there was a high chance ISU would have scored had Gessell made those two free throws anyway. So Iowa didn't give it away, Iowa State earned it. What a jack@$$.
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    Rob Dauster can eat a d.
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    Pretty sure he doesn't believe it, he is just trolling for page views and knows how internet savvy we are.
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    More like we'll start showing up on Lunardi's bubble watch.
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    Geeze people, lighten up. I read that same article, and laughed at that line. I did not feel a need to start a thread about it though. The overall tone of the article was not negative, and he certainly was not being critical of Niang. Compared to the rest of ISU's team, Niang is slow. But he still called him an All-Big 12 caliber player, and one of the best offensive players in the conference.

    Come on...even CFH has commented about Niang's build and lack of .....shall we say ...physique.

    On the whole, we really need to lighten up around here and enjoy this more. All good, and even great teams, get criticized from time to time by someone. Stop whining, for God's sake!

    What is going to happen if/when ISU loses their first game and some writers come out and criticize the play of ISU, or .....heaven forbid it....some play calls or strategy by CFH? This forum will melt-down.
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    So this guy is saying a team needs to go 20-0 against a top 30 schedule before they can be taken seriously. There have been maybe five "serious" teams in the past decade of college basketball by that metric.
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    Is every college bb player supposed to look like Rico Gathers? I personally like Niang the way he is. He's doing just fine without sixpack abs.
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    It's cold out and an off day for the Clones so why not start a thread? Articles like this are why I believe the Clones wont have a let down game this year. That doesn't mean they wont lose a few games, but with this level of BS coming from the "pundits" it should fuel the fire even more. If I am Niang, this wouldn't bother me at all, and maybe I would laugh at it... but it just might make me hungrier to prove more people wrong.
  16. WIB

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    Had a not so friendly twitter conversation with this clown today. @Wallenizballin if you want to read.
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    Although disrespectful, I actually love it. Let's face it, Iowa State rarely receives positive national recognition and has always had to play with a "chip on our shoulder" type mentality, even when we have had success. One fear that I have for this group of young men and for our fan base is an inability to handle the success. I'm not saying that we are not good enough or tough enough for it, but are just not use to it. We have pretty much been the hunter, not the hunted. So if there is any chance that we "get too full of ourselves", articles like this just keep the fire burning for both the players and the fans. We all have thick skin and we have Fred guiding this ship so bring on the would be our pleasure to prove you wrong.
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    When this is the worst criticism you get, you are pretty good. When an outsider looks at Niang before the game, they're more likely to think what is this guy doing out there than this could be the best player on the court. The man can ball though.
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    Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with the article and I think most of it is accurate.

    I think we won't truly know how good this team is until we play at KU, OSU, etc. Even the game Saturday at OU will be as telling as any we've had to date, imo. Remember how OU crushed us in Norman last year.

    The gym teacher comment on Niang was a bit over the top, but he also called him one of the most skilled players in the Big XII.

    Sometimes I think a portion of this fan base gets a little too sensitive about these kind of articles.
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    Even Hoiberg has referred to Niang as "unathletic," but I haven't heard him say it recently. Niang is incredibly athletic, particularly if by athletic you are referring to quickness, hand/eye coordination, balance, physical pounding, soft touch for the ball, and keen sense for the basket.

    Let people think what they want. His athleticism is like a silent assassin.

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