No. 2 ISU Wrestlers Trap the 17th-Ranked Tigers, 28-10

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by ChrisMWilliams, Feb 14, 2010.

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    AMES, Iowa – The second-ranked Iowa State wrestling team rolled up the points early to power its way to a 28-10 victory over 17th-ranked Missouri Sunday afternoon in Hilton Coliseum. Five Cyclones scored bonus-point victories over the Tigers, including an overtime pin recorded by ISU’s Duke Burk at 174 pounds. Iowa State and head coach Kevin Jackson improve to 12-2 in his first season at the helm, along with a 3-0 mark in the Big 12 Conference. MU drops to 7-7, overall.

    More online at Iowa State University Athletics Official Web Site - - The home of Iowa State Cyclone Sports.
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    Great win! You have to love how KJ has them wrestling.
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    The team looked pretty good overall yesterday. One that is for sure, the officiating was horrible. I have never seen so many no calls and false starts in my life. Reader wrestled awesome was clearly the clearly the better wrestler. There were many no calls for takedowns in this match, which almost led to Reader losing. Reader is a beast! Dukes match yesterday was very intense and exciting, as I have never seen a pin in a 2nd overtime. Varners match got a little heated. Varner was basically toying with his guy during the end of his match, his opponent got up and shoved Varner. Guess he didn't like getting his arse beat. Missouri way outmatched in this one as they stalled in most matches and let the Cyclones press the action. The only wrestler from the Missouri that impressed me was Askren, very solid and fundamentally sound wrestler.
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    I was disappointed in Varner's behavior yesterday. I looked away so I didn't see what exactly happened with the head gear incident but I hope Varner didn't throw the other guys head gear down on the mat. Varner's shove where he got the unsportsmanlike warning was uncalled for as was his post match behavior. If it was a Missouri wrestler doing those things the place would have been going nuts.
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    Funny part of the meet:

    During the Duke Burk match, he seemed to be stalling while in the bottom position, letting the Mizzou wrestler ride him out. KJ wasn't pleased with this, and during a quiet time from crowd noise, boomed out in a break, "Duke, get of of there!" The whole crowd heard it, and tittered for a minute. However, Duke did indeed heed his coach, and popped out for the escape.

    Pretty funny hearing it in the crowd, and the people around us all were chuckling along with us.
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    That was funny, but he actually said "Duke Burk, get out of there". Just like when your parents use your full name and you know you are in trouble.

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