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    Athleticism has to jump off the screen for a recruit, beyond that it has been more about culture and fit. I know that is used a lot, but we make sure a guy protects our culture and is not disruptive to the team. We are looking for a team-first guy not a selfish guy. That is the No. 1 after falling in love athletically. We put a lot of stock into that more so than anywhere else. We have to win in the margins at ISU.

    "With academics, that helps separate two guys in the same realm. If one is really good academically, and he has not missed school or is not tardy to class, that helps separates recruits. You have to be intelligent to play this game given how everything is now in college football. It is super important to fit into the culture and charter. It is important to be able to handle how fast things are moving in practice. You have to learn and go on to the next play. Recruits have to have a passion for the game at this level.”
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