Nest Smart Thermostat - feedback?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by tplumm, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Mines the same. I think it takes a little while to compile all of the data. If it doesnt show up soon, Ill shoot an email off to support.

    EDIT: Just looked in their help section and it mentions that it will show data the 2nd week of the following month (after a full month of data) So we should see januarys in a week or so.
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    No complaints from me.

    I work from home so not sure how much automatic away savings I'm losing.

    Easy setup. Auto-learning is nice. Just remember to check it around change of seasons. Might get close to your "safety" low like I did.

    I like the reporting. It sends monthly report but I actually have zapier setup to track and log usage over time...
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    Got a deal on an Ecobee3 and 2-pack of sensors for about $190 total (plus will be filing for $25 MidAmerican rebate) and will be setting it up this weekend. Hopefully the install goes well.
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    I've had 2 Emerson Sensi thermostats for about a year now and I really like them. I'm sure others have similar technology, but it allows me to set a temp range within the schedule so in the spring or fall when temps are all over the place, it allows some variation without sticking to 1 number.

    I connect to it most of the time from my phone and my wife when she's hot will use Alexa to turn on the A/C.

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