Needs for next year to be competitive again

Discussion in 'Football' started by DuckDynastyCy, Oct 28, 2013.

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    This season is not over and I hope our team improves. It should be an audition for playing time next year, IMO and I hope we can get healthy and win a few more games. In looking at our roster by position (something I do every year....I know, I'm bored) we really have Juco needs, IMO, at LB, S and DE.


    S No one really proven but 4 early leaders of Cotton, Mutcherson, Shaeffer and Syrie. Will Rogers be moved to S (I hope so) or remain at Nickel? IMO, a David Sims type S would be a good get to solidify this group. We'll be green as it is.

    CB Richardson, Tribune, Thomas, Cotton-Moya and not a whole lot else. 1 Juco corner needed for sure. Maybe 2.

    LB Knott is the only one that I think is a lock. All the others are toss ups. I am bumbed that White must not be progressing or we'd have seen him by now. Is Meeks outgrowing the LB spot and move to DE? Seeley, Madison, Miller, Brackens, Mills, Webster, White. Have numbers, but Quality? Could be very young. Need a MLB than can be a stud to lead this defense. We need to land 1 MLB and 1 OLB, IMO that are can't miss kids. Can Meeks be the MLB leader? Lot to ask from a youngster. Need competition here.

    DE Should be ok. Aka move back to DE? Kron, Morrissey, Meyers and Aka? Backed up by Lemke, Waggoner. Possibly 1 OLB/DE pass rusher type would be good from Juco.

    DL Should be a strength. Coe, Cousin, Jensen, Irving, supported by Trent, Krick, Garcia, Cousin.


    OL Need a healthy OL next year. If we stay healthy this Fall, I really want to see this group develop, and gel. Farniok, Loth at C. Guards Burton, Lalk, Omoile, supported by Williams, Glenn, Graham?, Severs, Homa. Tackles Dagel, Gannon, Dunning, supported by Campos, Curtis.

    RB 3 in Wimberly, Nealy and Standard, supported by Brown and Mister hopefully. Need a replacement for Woody in short yardage. Need to stay healthy here. Possible Juco FB spot if right fit.

    QB Sam supported by Rohach, Hodge, Lanning

    TE Bibbs, Boesen, supported by Leslie and Quan West. Leslie cannot be a "miss" and/or West needs to add some weight and block well.

    WR Very Deep. Bundrage, Daley, Ecby, Harris, Harris, Montgomery, West and Lazard. Will OL develop so we have enough time to throw downfield?

    K Netten

    P New kid coming in on Schollie will need to start.

    Those are my thoughts. Would not be shocked if 5-6 JUCO guys get signed to shore up our gaps. If we don't shore up LB, DE and S, it will be a LONG year next year, IMO.
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    Really? That is not grammar I learned growing up in Iowa. Dude, go back to the swamp and eat some crawfish. You sure you are a Cyclone? Not sure you can count either. We do not have 5 or 6 more scholarships left for either Freshmen or Jucos. Please think before posting.
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    Dude, you are a Moron. Count who we have signed plus the loss of players not coming back next year currently on scholarship and there's your answer. It could be a large class. It is quite obvious where we have needs for next year. Do you really think with all the pressure that will be on CPR next year that he will rely on true freshmen to fill the void? I doubt it. Next time I need a grammar lesson, you will be the last person I look to. Chill the hell out.
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    One of our most important players may be the unnamed punter.
  5. Luth4Cy

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    Better play and more consistency on both lines, better tackling, better offensive play calling.
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    Dude, bruh, I'd bet a lot we have at least 5 more open. Started with 17. Dika will be gone. Richardson is gone. It wouldn't surprise me to see a guy like Loth or Matt Thomas conclude their career early and you will probably lose at least one more just due to normal transfers and such. We have 15 so That gives us 4 for sure, plus about 2 more. That's seven. Math before you post.
  7. DuckDynastyCy

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    Nashville, TN

    Hey Texass...just so you understand (you might need to take your shoes off so you can count these up). Lose 17 seniors, have 3 juniors who probably will never play again (Richardson for sure, Dika for sure and probably Graham). There's your 20. I doubt we actually sign all 15 high schoolers we have verbally committed, so, let's assume we lose two or three. Wow, magically we have enough room for some Juco's. I say we sign a minimum of 4. I know, in Texas, that's tough to comprehend. Now put your shoes back on, and quit spouting off about 1 word that was mis-typed, not mis-spelled.
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    We will not sign 5 or 6 Jucos. If we do, I will be BUMBED. :)
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    Healthy O-Line.. There is your answer.. We didn't need the group by group breakdown Kiper..
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    Cotton-Moya is a safety, and I wouldn't be surprised if the two safeties next year were Rogers and either Cotton-Moya or Mutcherson.

    At corner it will be Tribune and Richardson, maybe that JUCO that would come with Clinkscales

    I'd be happy with a JUCO at LB, DE, or DT. We have to be better on the defensive front and if that is improved by a couple JUCOs to provide depth or be difference makers, sign me up.

    The offensive line should have more depth next year since we lose only Lictenburg and Tuftee and gain all those freshmen off redshirt. Having guys like Omoile, Burton, Lalk, and Dagel get all this playing time as underclassmen will only pay dividends in the future. If our starters are Gannon, Burton, Farniok, Lalk, and Dagel next year, we suddenly have some guys for depth that have had quality time on the line under their belt, plus the talent of Campos, glenn, Curtis, and co. With all that said, those guys have to improve a bunch between now and then. The potential is there, now the coaches have to bring them along.
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    Tennesse vs. Texas
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    Feb 5, 2011
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    How is the DL a strength next year?? If the same guys are playing it won't be.
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    Despite what the mouthbreathers out there might say, your analysis is worthwhile. I spent a bit of time thinking about this myself the last few weeks.

    For next year, I think we could use 1 JUCO at every position group on defense, most importantly at safety and linebacker, but DT and DE aren't far behind. Depends somewhat on what we plan to do with Charlie Rogers. If he's going to safety, then I'm a little less concerned about safety and I get more concerned about CB. We need Lynn and Lawry to put on some weight and get things figured out. (Why Lawry moved to WR is beyond me - must be a pure morale problem. I would tell him we need him to put on 8-10 pounds and get back to CB where he is sorely needed).

    Tribune playing has all the signs of Rogers going to safety next year. I'm told Cotton-Moya has all the tools to be a starter, so that's a positive, but he's never played. Upside is that I think out safety play this year has been really average, so teh bar is pretty low. I'm concerned about linebacker. We're a year late on recruiting a JUCO there, but we still need one IMO. I think we take a high quality DT or DE if they are relatively low-risk or December grad types. IF there is much question about them, I would prefer to go with a HS kid. You don't turn a Clinkscales for instance.
  16. GoSTATE71

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    May 19, 2008
    DL will not be improved if the same guys are on it. Morrisey has been improved this year but he wouldn't sniff the field on any other Big 12 team except for maybe Kansas and K-State. Jensen isn't good, he is just big. Nothing like Jake McDonough anyways. Coe was a waste of a scholarship. Irving is the only true talent on the defensive line.

    Luke Knott has been solid for being very young, I hope Seely and Meeks are ready to play big time minutes next year we will need it.

    WR's will be stacked, no discussion needed.

    TE will be fine with Bibbs and Boesen. Both of them are solid, athletic and pretty big targets.

    RBs will be fine with Wimberly/Nealy/Standard

    QB-still not that sold on Richardson. Would like to see what he could do behind a real offensive line and a good OC. His arm strength isn't great but he is pretty elusive and quick. Rohach will be improved.

    Secondary- I think it'll be okay. Jacques Washington may lead the team in tackles or whatever but he whiffs on so many open field tackles. I don't think he is that good personally. Doesn't even have an interception on the year. A true leader of this defense would let his defense get punished and humiliated like they have been the last 3 weeks. Tribune/Richardson will be a good combo for us.

    Kicker- feel good about Netten, not sure about punter obviously. With how horrible our offense is, punter is a key position.

    Overall: kinda doubt we will be better than 5-7 or 6-6. Fire Messingham or a ton of season ticket holders wont be returning, myself included.
  17. Cyclonestate78

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    May 23, 2008
    Obviously a new OC... and one that can bring in an offensive system that will play to the strengths of the talent on the roster. After that and the least likely to happen at ISU... is they need to bring in a stud QB. They need a QB that can stand back there and sling it with some accuracy. Tech has 2 freshman QB's that sadly are better then anything ISU has on their roster. This has to change. I watch a lot of college football games and I have never seen a team running a spread offense that is as inept at the QB position as ISU.
  18. ChickenWing

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    I like these threads

    O line - I feel good about interior of lalk-Farniok-burton. Dagel and Gannon will be pushed. Could see a young kid or if another guard steps up burton could slide to tackle.
    Te - bibbs is solid and looks like his blocking improved vs ok st. I wish we had a hoss on the roster to create the edge on Los. Watch the iowa game and puke. I don't follow recruiting closely but I wouldn't mind another juco here.
    rb - set
    wr - set (I do wish they would use a slot that threatened the def more. Too many times I see a lb able to run with our slot)
    qb - ok i guess, I like sbr but I wish he would throw on time.

    dt's - need help. Irving is solid/playmaker but the rest are just serviceable. Coe has potential.
    de - need help. CM is solid. Meyers could be ok. Kron serviceable but would love to see new face here.
    lb - need help. Knott has wlb locked. Other spots up for grabs. No idea how this shakes out. MLB really scares me. I loved Justin Webster junior highLights as he was so football athletic. Hopefully that translates into a good Slb. If we see brackens and miller I'll be disappointed even though I'd really like for them both to be successful.
    safety - sadly I don't see drop off from losing 2 sr starters. Rogers will probably be improvement. I have no idea who takes the other spot. Hopefully young/dynamic like Moya over a guy like Schaefer or cotton.
    Hybrid - seems to be a lot of options depending how safety shakes out. Rogers likely moves back and forth depending on what Wally wants. He used Rogers in man coverage a lot from the hybrid and I don't think you get that out of the other options.
    corner - ok with tribune and sam but only depth might be Lynn so juco to challenge for time and provide depth.
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    I agree Wes with our anemic offense we need a punter unnamed or otherwise with a real strong leg because we punt a lot...

    Cyclones It's time to Beat the Mildcats!
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    Bumbed yet or just plain BUMMED!? Besides, we don't have swamps in TN, not where I live anyway. And, crawfish, it's GOOD!

    Where ya hidin' Cupcake?

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