Need some legal advie about guardianship/conservator in the state of Iowa

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    Shot in the dark here. I tried googling this but I ended up more than confused than I was before I began. The basics are:

    My girlfriend's sister has decided to allow her daughter to reside with my girlfriend full time. I hope that came out and made sense. Anyway, my gf is wondering what steps she needs to take to make sure this is all legal, etc. She still has to enroll this girl in school (she is 13 yrs old). I told her the school might be of assistance to her as far as advice. She is wondering if she needs a lawyer and what needs to take place for her to be officially named as the guardian/conservator of this minor child. Just wondering if there are any attorneys that are on here and/or people that have went through something similiar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm no lawyer, but I would say the best way to get pointed in the right direction would start at your county courthouse with social services or human services or whatever they are calling it right now. With their advice up front, it could save a lot of time and a lot of unnecessary legal expenses.

    It would probably help to contact your school and/or school board to find out what they require as far as paperwork and proof of guardianship.
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    Yeah, I'd try the Department of Human Services, they should know something, or atleast point her in the right direction.
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    If you are talking about a long-term situation, then yes, a guardianship and potentially conservatorship may be necessary. While the school is one aspect to consider, you may need authority for medical decisions/visits, dentists, extra-curricular activities, etc. If it is just a short-term, and mom isn't too far away, an authorization may be sufficient for most issues.

    If there is any money involved, you'll need a conservatorship to handle that.

    It isn't cheap to get a G&C set up and there are annual reporting requirements. Email me at if you have any other questions.

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