Nebraska shakes up it's WR corp

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    FYI, as everyone in the North is now in the mix to win the Big 12 North:

    HCBP said during the Big 12 Monday teleconference that the offense needed a spark and details of that spark is beginning to leak out:

    Life in the Red's Blog | Khiry Cooper makes his move

    Personally, i'm glad to hear that Bo is taking a hands on approach to the offense. Heck, if it even means getting advice from Tom Osborne, whatever it takes to get the offense going over these final 4 or 5 games. - Lincoln, Nebraska - Football

    Looks like Bo is serious about giving the offense a jump start as redshirt freshman Steven Osborne (no relation to TO) and Tim Marlowe are in the mix to start at the other WR spot this weekend @ Baylor.

    Edit: Please note that i'm only posting this as i'm well aware that the Big 12 North is wide open for several teams to win. I'm not out to burn bridges, but just post updates from what I read out of Husker Camp.
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    Since we won, im sure there will be very few with a problem about posting about Nebraska. The Big Red will have no problem with BU this weekend, probable shutout.

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