Mook's Bowl Projections (11/18/12)

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    I do not have Iowa State winning over West Virginia as Mr. Blum and Mr. Williams do. Probably because they were busy in Lawrence and traveling home and did not see Tayvon Austin running all over OU. I did watch that performance and although I would love to project an ISU win on Friday, I cannot. For the record, I think winner of the game is Holiday Bowl bound.

    Mook's Updated Bowl Projections (11/18/12)

    Gildan New Mexico Bowl
    Arizona State (6-6) vs. Nevada (7-5)
    December 15 ... Albuquerque, NM

    Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
    Toledo (9-4) vs. Utah State (10-2)
    December 15 ... Boise, ID

    San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
    BRIGHAM YOUNG (7-5) vs. San Diego State (9-3)
    December 20 ... San Diego, CA

    Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl
    Ball State (9-4) vs. Rice (6-6)
    December 21 ... St. Petersburg, FL

    R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
    Arkansas State (9-3) vs. San Jose State (9-3)
    December 22 ... New Orleans, LA

    MAACO Bowl Las Vegas
    Arizona (8-4) vs. Boise State (10-2)
    December 22 ... Las Vegas, NV

    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
    Central Florida (9-4) vs. Fresno State (9-3)
    December 24 ... Honolulu, HI

    Little Caesars Pizza Bowl
    Kent State (12-1) vs. Middle Tennessee (8-4)
    December 26 ... Detroit, MI

    Military Bowl
    Ohio (8-4) vs. Western Kentucky (7-5)
    December 27 ... Washington, DC

    Belk Bowl
    Duke (6-6) vs. Cincinnati (9-3)
    December 27 ... Charlotte, NC

    Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl
    UCLA (9-4) vs. West Virginia (7-5)
    December 27 ... San Diego, CA

    AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl
    Louisiana Tech (10-2) vs. Virginia Tech (6-6)
    December 28 ... Shreveport, LA

    Russell Athletic Bowl
    Miami (7-6) vs. Louisville (10-2)
    December 28 ... Orlando, FL

    Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas
    Minnesota (6-6) vs. Baylor (6-6)
    December 28 ... Houston, TX

    Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
    East Carolina (8-4) vs. AIR FORCE (6-6)
    December 29 ... Fort Worth, TX

    Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
    Washington (8-4) vs. NAVY (8-4)
    December 29 ... San Francisco, CA

    New Era Pinstripe Bowl
    Texas Christian (6-6) vs. Syracuse (7-5)
    December 29 ... Bronx, NY

    Valero Alamo Bowl
    Oklahoma State (8-4) vs. Oregon State (9-3)
    December 29 ... San Antonio, TX

    Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
    Texas Tech (7-5) vs. Michigan State (6-6)
    December 29 ... Tempe, AZ

    Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
    Georgia Tech (6-6) vs. Vanderbilt (8-4)
    December 31 ... Nashville, TN

    Hyundai Sun Bowl
    North Carolina State (7-5) vs. Southern California (7-5)
    December 31 ... El Paso, TX

    AutoZone Liberty Bowl
    Tulsa (11-2) vs. Ole Miss (6-6)
    December 31 ... Memphis, TN

    Chick-fil-A Bowl
    Clemson (10-2) vs. Florida (10-2)
    December 31 ... Atlanta, GA

    Heart of Dallas Bowl
    Iowa State (6-6) vs. Purdue (6-6)
    January 1 ... Dallas, TX Gator Bowl
    Wisconsin (7-6) vs. Mississippi State (8-4)
    January 1 ... Jacksonville, FL

    Capital One Bowl
    Michigan (8-4) vs. Georgia (11-2)
    January 1 ... Orlando, FL

    Outback Bowl
    Northwestern (9-3) vs. South Carolina (10-2)
    January 1 ... Tampa, FL

    Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio
    Nebraska (11-2) vs. Stanford (11-2)
    January 1 ... Pasadena, CA

    Discover Orange Bowl
    Florida State (12-1) vs. Rutgers (11-1)
    January 1 ... Miami Gardens, FL

    Allstate Sugar Bowl
    Texas (10-2) vs. Louisiana State (10-2)
    January 2 ... New Orleans, LA

    Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
    Oklahoma (10-2) vs. Oregon (11-1)
    January 3 ... Glendale, AZ

    AT&T Cotton Bowl
    Kansas State (10-2) vs. Texas A&M (10-2)
    January 4 ... Arlington, TX

    BBVA Compass Bowl
    Bowling Green (8-4) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (8-4)
    January 5 ... Birmingham, AL Bowl
    Northern Illinois (11-2) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (8-4)
    January 5 ... Mobile, AL

    Discover BCS National Championship Game
    Alabama (12-1) vs. Notre Dame (12-0)
    January 7 ... Miami Gardens, FL


    Bowl eligible, but not selected ...
    Texas-San Antonio (7-5)
    Central Michigan (6-6)
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    Being an a-hole
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    My Bowl Projections from the other thread

    BCS Title Game: Alabama vs. Notre Dame
    Fiesta Bowl: Kansas St. vs. Oregon
    Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. Oklahoma
    Orange Bowl: Florida St. vs. Rutgers
    Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs. Stanford

    Chick-Fil-A Bowl: Clemson vs. South Carolina
    Russel Athletic Bowl: Miami (FL) vs. Cincinnati
    Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. USC
    Belk Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Louisville
    Music City Bowl: NC St. vs. Vanderbilt
    Independence Bowl: Duke vs. LA Tech(at-large)
    Military Bowl: W Kentucky(at-large) vs. Ohio
    Cotton Bowl: Texas vs. Texas A&M
    Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma St. vs. UCLA
    BWW Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Michigan St.
    Holiday Bowl: Iowa State vs. Oregon St.
    Meineke Bowl: TCU vs. Purdue
    Pinstripe Bowl: West Virginia vs. Syracuse
    Heart of Dallas: Baylor (yes, I think they beat Tech) vs. Minnesota
    Compass Bowl: Central Michigan(at-large) vs. Louisiana- Monroe
    Beef O' Brady's Bowl: Bowling Green(at-large) vs. East Carolina
    Capital One Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida
    Outback Bowl: Northwestern vs. Georgia
    Gator Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Mississippi St.
    Pizza Bowl: Mid Tenn St. vs. Northern Illinois
    Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Ball St.(at-large)
    Armed Forces Bowl: UCF vs. Air Force
    New Orleans Bowl: Rice vs. Arkansas St. Bowl: Kent St. vs.Louisiana- Lafayette
    Idaho Potato Bowl: Toledo vs. Utah St.
    Hunger Bowl: Navy vs. Washington
    Poinsettia Bowl:BYU vs. San Diego St.
    Las Vegas Bowl:
    Boise St. vs. Arizona
    Hawaii Bowl:
    Fresno St. vs. San Jose St. (at-large)
    New Mexico Bowl:
    Nevada vs.Arizona St.

    color guide
    Pac-12 Mt-West WAC Indy MAC Sun Belt C-USA Big 10 SEC Big East Big 12 ACC

    thanks everyone for the help, I underlined the teams that have accepted/have a contract with the bowl
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  3. MookInLincoln

    MookInLincoln Well-Known Member

    Clemson vs. South Carolina again? They play this week. :skeptical:
  4. 19210

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    Apr 19, 2006
    Want to marry Bawbie
    I can't seem to find the hawks anywhere on these projections.
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  5. cycfan1

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    Nov 27, 2006
    Why does everyone think Baylor's going to beat Tech? They still have no defense , last night was a major fluke IMO
  6. Cy$

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Being an a-hole
    I saw the Clemson vs. South Carolina game...

    I'm predicting South Carolina to beat Clemson, so Oklahoma will get the last at-large bid. If Clemson wins, my whole projections will need changed (literally almost half of it).

    In the SEC, I have Alabama and LSU getting in the BCS Bowls...I also think Florida St. beats Florida. If Florida wins, they take LSU's spot and the SEC will need changed.

    I think S Carolina will have to be taken there...Florida and S Car I suppose could be switched in my projections, but I think the Capital One Bowl would pick Florida over S Carolina. Also, South Carolina played in that bowl last year, so it would be tough to put them in the Cap One bowl again.

    The Pac-12 will be interesting. Could affect ISU. I got Stanford winning the Pac-12 Championship with Oregon getting an at-large. UCLA is a pretty good team though so won't be easy.

    If USC can beat Notre Dame, they will have enough wins to jump Oregon St. in the bowl order, meaning the Holiday Bowl would easily pick them over Oregon St. if available.

    The Cotton Bowl is almost a given unless Texas beats KSU...then things get interesting.
  7. MookInLincoln

    MookInLincoln Well-Known Member

    I do have Baylor beating Texas Tech, but my prediction really has more to do with the Red Raiders spiraling downward in what is becoming a pattern.
  8. huntt26

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    Instructional Technology
    po' dUnk
    A Jan 1 bowl? We've officially arrived
    -Hawk fan opinion
  9. MookInLincoln

    MookInLincoln Well-Known Member

    I also am predicting S Carolina to beat Clemson. I have Florida State over Florida.

    The Chick-Fil-A Bowl has a lot more choices on the SEC side than on the ACC side. If Clemson is not a BCS team, they will be in that game. There is no way that will be a rematch with S Carolina. I could see ways that it could be Miss State, Florida or even Georgia - but not S Carolina unless Florida State gets upset in ACC title game and the Noles go to Atlanta

    I have now totally flipped on the Pac 12 and the BCS. Whereas a week ago, I didn't think there was any way that league could have 2 in the BCS - now I think it is very likely, unless Stanford loses to UCLA next week and Oregon is still league champ.
  10. chuckd4735

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    Mar 29, 2006
    I'm dying to hear how you have Baylor in a better bowl then both TCU and Iowa State.
  11. clonedude

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    Apr 16, 2006
    I think ND loses to USC next week. I don't care if Barkley is playing at QB or not. I'm just not sold on ND.

    So unfortunately, we might see another SEC vs. SEC in the title game.
  12. ChrisMWilliams

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    Bondurant, Iowa
    Exactly. That was the conclusion that we came to as well. Tech is currently imploding and I see no reason at all why that is about to stop.
  13. MookInLincoln

    MookInLincoln Well-Known Member

    Oregon will be in a position to still play for the title, perhaps without having to play in the Pac 12 Championship game, IF Southern Cal beats Notre Dame.

    I am only expecting the Ducks to fall to #4 in the BCS standings (released tonight)
  14. MookInLincoln

    MookInLincoln Well-Known Member

    FWIW, this is what the "FINAL" BCS Standing look like in my projection ...

    2. ALABAMA
    3. OREGON
    4. TEXAS A&M
    5. GEORGIA
    6. LSU
    11. FLORIDA
    12. TEXAS
    13. NEBRASKA
    14. OREGON ST
    15. KANSAS ST
    16. MICHIGAN
    17. RUTGERS
    18. CLEMSON
  15. docholihawk

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    Oct 9, 2012
    clear lake
    I noticed you don't have Iowa listed, oh, wait. Never mind.
  16. awd4cy

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Eastern Iowa
    I am waiting for this as well.
  17. awd4cy

    awd4cy Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2010
    Eastern Iowa
    After watching Tech vs. Kansas and Oklahoma State it appears they don't either.
  18. MookInLincoln

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    This one is easy.

    2010 Texas Bowl (BAYLOR vs. Illinois) Attendance 68,211
    Houston Bowl (
    IOWA STATE vs. TCU) Attendance 37,286

    Why do so many people think this is about who won head-to-head or who finishes higher in the standings? It is not.

  19. cyclonepower

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    Oct 5, 2006
    I see College Football News left us out of the projections this week...
  20. cyclones500

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    Jan 29, 2010
    Looks like you have Texas beating KSU, then?

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