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    Congrats to Buster Posey for snagging the NL MVP award yesterday! He got 27 out of 32 first place votes. Consider this: 2012 was the first season he was with the Giants for the entire year. That hardly seems possible, but it's true.

    In 2010, he didn't come up until May, but he became a quiet leader and led the Giants to their first World Series title since moving from New York in 1958. In 2011, he suffered the cringe-inducing broken ankle, torn ligaments injury that May. It is difficult to say what might have happened had he remained healthy that year, but the Giants weren't eliminated from the playoffs until the final week of the season, in spite of averaging something ridiculous like 2.5 runs a game with that anemic offense. In 2012, he started well, if not cautiously, considering the recovery time needed after being cleared by doctors. Then the Melky Cabrera BS happened. The team came together and Buster's stats took off, far more than anyone could have predicted. As a result, this season has seen him collect a lot of hardware: a Silver Slugger award, comeback player awards, a batting title, etc.

    While the title this year was a true team effort, Posey was the heart and soul of the Giants throughout their run. He's an absolute rock star in the Bay Area, even though he never, ever acts like it. I absolutely love this guy and would probably be a fan even if he was playing for another team (with a couple of exceptions).

    MVPosey: Giants catcher is NL's most valuable | News

    Miguel Cabrera won the AL MVP in a race that was basically between he and Mike Trout. Personally, I believed Cabrera deserved it, if nothing else that for being the first person to achieve the triple crown since the 60s. There is no doubt Trout had an excellent year and in many cases had much better numbers than Cabrera. I believed that the feat of the triple crown should be recognized with an MVP award. Trout is in his first year in the majors - if he's even remotely consistent with his abilities, there should be at least one MVP trophy in his future.

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