Luke Anderson and Marcedus Leech have entered the transfer portal

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Oct 18, 2006
West Des Moines,IA
I agree with this. Fred missed on a lot of freshmen too and that was frustrating as well.

The difference between him and Prohm is Fred's staff was bringing in very high level transfers and the results bore it. Prohm and staff are bring in Hans f***ing Brase types (please don't make me list all of the bad transfers he's had)
Let's see how many high level transfers fred brings in now. The transfer game isn't even close to how it was back when fred started getting them.

Fred should definitely get credit for cornering the market back then but comparing 2013 to 2019 is night and day.


Well-Known Member
Sep 7, 2010
West Des Moines
You are a clown. I’d rather bring in transfers that don’t pan out then players like fred was bringing guys in that you could tell we’re just never going to touch the floor. Simeon carter, Nick noskoviak, Giorgio tsalmpouris, Daniel edozie, and more. Let’s not forget Shayok who might be the best transfer we’ve ever had other than deandre Kane, michael jacobson, and this year Bolton who will probably be our second best player. Love in the moment man not the past. If you love fred so much than be a cornhusker. No need for your bad attitude here because 2 players realized they weren’t going to touch the floor soon so they decide to leave. If anything it’s a good thing it shows that we probably have some commits coming.
No bad attitude Captain. Perhaps you should consider your reaction of equating fact-based opinions to "bad attitude" as a sign that you're not the best at discerning the difference. Which isn't surprising on a fanatic board.
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Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2012
Western Iowa
Not a surprise for LA based on watching CapCity games but definitely a shock for Leech. He played hard every night and was clearly a high level scorer. I'll be curious to hear more about what happened in the future.
My very uninformed guesses would be his leg and iffy academics were a combo that pushed him to leave.

Those and maybe he was getting smoked by Eric Steyer every day in practice.


Well-Known Member
Apr 18, 2017
Beaverdale, IA
The reality is that neither of these two guys were going to contribute much if anything over the next two years. It shortens the bench this year but unless there are some unannounced suspensions looming or major injuries early on, we should be fine. If both of them were called into action for significant minutes this year we were probably ****** anyway. Sounds like the scholarships won't be unclaimed for long anyway.

The Prohm hating on this is ridiculous but CF melting down is tradition. I swear we could land the number 1 recruit in the country, he could bust, and Prohm haters would find a way to bash Prohm for it.


Minister of Economy
SuperFanatic T2
Aug 10, 2011
Washington, DC
Time will tell on Bolton. He shot under 40% last year right along with Nixon. Idk how that's not a scarier prospect to more people here.
I have expressed several times that their shooting/inefficiency on offense at their previous stops were real concerns and, if we are going to be good, those have to improve. I just think they will with a point guard like Haliburton around.


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SuperFanatic T2
Nov 29, 2010
Cedar Falls, IA

1) For those well versed in NCAA rules, since they haven't played a game yet, does that count as a season of action? Or can Anderson and Leech transfer immediately and be active for 2nd semester?

2) It's rather surprising that so many think Prohm shoved these guys out for potential recruits. That's a supremely douche move for two athletes (doing it to maybe 1 is commonplace), and until proven otherwise I'll choose to believe Prohm just doesn't operate like that. These two likely each had multiple factors that paved the way for their departure from Iowa State University, and Prohm knew that weeks ago, thus the active new offerings he and his staff have made the last few weeks. These two kids aren't in the right spot or aren't meeting standards, and Prohm & Co. have some great prospects lined up to replace them. That's all that matters.


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Aug 17, 2009
Oh damn, now what we gonna do? Were screwed for sure. Prohm looked so upbeat in the video he was taking students to class. This guy would be a great poker player.
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Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2010
Ankeny, IA
How can we add players for the second semester? I thought scholarships were given for the whole academic year. And If a player has already started using it, than another player can't replace using that scholarship.


Well-Known Member
Oct 11, 2012
Western Iowa
Oh damn, now what we gonna do? Were screwed for sure. Prohm looked so upbeat in the video he was taking students to class. This guy would be a great poker player.
Sounds like neither would have contributed this year or in the future. We thank them for their brief time as Cyclones, wish them well going forward and move on with who is still here.


Well-Known Member
Jun 20, 2011
Cant wait to see the "Prohm awesome" crowd spin these two departures into a good thing.
Reason #1 Xavier Foster
Reason #2 Darlinstone Dubar or Mid Season Transfer
Reason #3 Both reason 1 and 2 can happen with Tyrese staying his JR year if he wants.
This is Big Boy D1 Basketball. I love all our players and hate to see them go but there is always the next man up.

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