London Times 2012-13 World College Rankings

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    The London Times / Thomson Reuters ranking system is worldwide, comprehensive, and highly geared towards research institutions. In my opinion, its the best of the ranking systems, esp. as it relates towards quality of research.

    World University Rankings 2012-13

    ISU is #193, down from #184 last year, even though our overall cumulative score is up almost 10%. The quality of worldwide institutions is improving in general, which is why we are losing a little ground in the ranking.

    A couple of other observations: there are only two Big 12 programs in the top 200 - Texas and Iowa State. Every Big 10 program is in the top 200, except Nebraska. Iowa is the lowest of the ranked institutions in the Big 10. Rankings of Iowa and Iowa State generally suffer due to the way they divide the premiere programs between the two (Medical school / Ved Med, for example), but both institutions are still extremely well regarded, in the worldwide academic research community.
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    At least we have the #2 Campus town in the USA!

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