Lanning to play some at linebacker???

Discussion in 'Football' started by danielyp29, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Campbell said that Noland was the best QB LAST year, and maybe it was true then given Noland's early enrollment, work ethic, and reportedly being an intense student of the game. At that time Park hadn't played for 2 years and was clearly rusty and needed to be coached up a LOT when he did finally see the field. Watching them and Lanning before Noland got hurt, Noland very well may have been the best. Now, Noland is almost certainly #2 since Noland has the rust. But it WILL be exciting if Nolan is still the best, because Park improved a great deal by the end of the year and certainly was the best available then in the coaches' eyes.

    Lanning certainly is an excellent athlete, but with a healthy Noland it would seem that Lanning is at best #3, maybe even #4 if Kempt has also improved. Kempt had some pretty good cred coming out of HS, things didn't work out for him but not necessarily because of lack of ability.

    So what to do with Lanning? If Allen and Soehner are as good as said, don't need him at TE and he's never blocked, no idea if he can catch, so doesn't seem like a fit or need. WR? Yeah, let's sit Lazard or Jones or Eaton, kinda a program strength plus need to catch and block there too. RB? Better than Montgomery and Warren, and Nwangnu if he's healthy? Doubtful, almost certainly a #3 at best. Might as well leave him standing on the sideline with a clipboard with the rest of the QB's.

    So, as odd as LB seems, what else, if you want to get him on the field more. If Lanning wants to play post-grad, that's his best chance. If he wants to play more as a senior, it's his best chance.

    Will he be any good? Well, switching to LB isn't the easiest thing in the world, LB isn't an easy position as anyone who has ever played LB would make emphatically clear.

    But where else? It is a spot that lacks bodies right now, and Lanning has one that suits, so maybe that will be the spot for him. Hope so, he's a great kid according to everything that's been said.

    He can easily still be a package guy at QB while playing LB, would be shocked if he's not.

    Hope he turns out to be a great LB. In hindsight, probably where he should have been there long before now. Has a really strong arm, air it out and have Lazard run under it was his best passing play. Touch and accuracy, not so much, unfortunately. Didn't drill it into the ground as much last year, but.

    I hope he has great success at LB, good thing should happen to good people.
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    Aug 20, 2013
    His biggest role this fall will still be the red-zone/short-yardage wildcat QB. Outside of that, it sounds like he is auditioning for LB and could play some HB in the backfield with Park. He's probably our best short-yardage runner.
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    My father swears up and down Lanning played LB when he was freshman or sophomore, because he coached against him. Said he was a beast and should have been there from the start. We will see if he still has beast qualities to him.
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    If he does make the switch the LB, it shouldn't take him long to get going. Kids an athlete. He may not be in the best position early in the season but shouldn't take him long.
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    He definitely has shown the desire to run over people.
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    Jul 6, 2016
    Lanning started as a QB on varsity his freshman and sophomore year
  7. BWRhasnoAC

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    Fair enough. Didn't I read a quote somewhere on here from Williams or somebody that he played it earlier in his career? Thought it was referring to high school?
  8. Hayes30

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    Also played some at LB.
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    Apr 27, 2009
    I would bet that Noland sees zero snaps this year barring injuries. He's definitely got some hype behind him, but he looked pretty bad in the spring game last year and then got hurt. To say that Lanning is 3rd or 4th is crazy. Maybe as a pure passer he is, but as an overall QB, moving the ball and scoring, he is 2nd string. The thing that having Noland does is it allows them to move Lanning around and play him with no real fears of injury. You don't really want to expose your second string QB to injury, but with Noland on the roster, it gives the staff the ability to let Lanning play HB, RB, TE, even some LB.
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  10. clonedude

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    Apr 16, 2006
    I think you underestimate what this coaching staff thinks about Zeb Noland. Cambell is on record of praising this kid over and over again, even saying that going into fall camp last year that he would be competing for the #1 spot. He also won some kind of workout award last winter when he first got here.

    I wouldn't doubt at all that if something were to happen to Park next season that Noland might be the guy they turn to until they get in the redzone, and then it might be Lanning. I just don't think you put your clear cut #2 guy at LB, but I could very well be wrong on that.

    I was just going to post about Lanning playing LB this spring probably says more about Noland than it does about Lanning, because I feel like the staff must be VERY confident in Noland's ability if they are risking playing Lanning at LB.
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  11. Desiigner

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Might have idk. He has zero career tackles, so I just assumed he never played LB. And you don't really see QB's playing both ways in 4A
  12. BigM

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    I played both ways on the line at a 4A school, it's more common than you think, and our QB's usually played at least some D/ST. Depending on if they were athletic enough.

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