Kudos to Dr. Tom and Drake...

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Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2006
I was happy for Dr. Tom as well. You could tell by the shots of him on TV late this meant a great deal to him. These aren't the Drake Bulldogs I grew up with by the way, these boys can play.


Well-Known Member
Apr 11, 2006
You could almost see a season like this coming for the Bulldogs after watching last season. They lost so many close games last year, they darn near had their breakout season last year. I hope they can carry this kind of play into the MVC schedule. I'd love to see Dr. Tom shake things up in that league and make the NCAA's in what looks like it may be his final year of coaching.


Apr 16, 2006
I finally wanted to watch a hawkeye game(imagine that) and they're on ESPNU which I don't get on Dish Network. Hawk fans must be unhappy that they're not on a local channel in central Iowa--don't know about other parts of the state. Hope we don't go that route. Three cheers for Drake! Don't think I've ever seen Tom Davis look happier.


Active Member
Mar 27, 2006
Eagle Grove, IA
I was also happy for Dr. Tom. Even when he was at Iowa I thought he was a class act. It was great to see them beat the crap out the Hawks.


Thought Police
Staff member
Apr 11, 2006
A pineapple under the sea
I'm happy for Dr. Tom too. He is a class coach, and I was glad Drake hired him. It's kind of funny, my girlfriend is a Hawkeye fan (no idea how that happened!) and she was rooting for Drake too. I think there are a lot of Hawkeye fans by now who wish they had never let him go.


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2006
Iowa City
Then you must be younger.

Drake had some great teams from 60-70. They made it to the final four one of those years.
I thought it was 1969, with Dolph Pulliam & company. Dolph used to be on Channel 13 (?)in Des Moines when I was a kid. Here's the story:

"As for the tie-in to Drake’s 1968-69 team, Davis was wise to tap into Dolph Pulliam, a key player on that squad which had a school-record 26-5 record and finished third in the Final Four.

Some members of that 1968-69 team have long felt—right or wrong--that they didn’t receive enough recognition from the school for what they did. One reason given was that Coach Maury John left Drake for Iowa State after taking the Bulldogs to three successive NCAA tournaments.

Now Davis, thank goodness, is extending a hand.

"I want you involved with our program," Davis told Pulliam. "I want you to be the analyst on the radio broadcasts of our games, and I want you to hang around with our players. I want them to see you."

Said Pulliam of those comments: "I thought that was neat for him to do that."

Pulliam will work with new Drake play-by-play announcer Warren Swain, and said he wants the present players to chase the dream the 1968-69 team chased.

"I want these players to be able to dream, to be able to say, ‘You know, we can do that,’" Pulliam said. "Coach John of our 1968-69 team told me that I would be playing in an NCAA Final Four game before I graduated from Drake, and it happened."

The 1968-69 team will celebrate is 35th anniversary with a reunion Dec.13 when Drake plays Southern Utah at the Knapp Center.

"Right now, starters Willie Wise, Willie McCarter, myself and Don Draper will be back," Pulliam said. "We haven’t found the fifth starter, Al Williams, yet. We’ve also lost Gary Zeller. Also coming back off that team are Rick Wanamaker, Dale Teeter, Jim O’Dea and Larry Sharp."

Pulliam is a longtime employee at Drake. He said he now is director of community relations for the school and is a senior fund-raiser.

"I love to sell the story of Drake," he said."

Drake also had some good teams somewhere around 1980-81, with "Black Magic" Lewis Lloyd! Guy was incredible! Drake actually has some athletic tradition...


Apr 21, 2006
Saint Paul, MN
Did anyone else see the sign from Drake fans yesterday that said: "Hey Steve, 1983 called and it wants its haircut back"

Thought that was funny.

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