Kansas State fans are madder than I have ever seen

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Apr 27, 2009
LMAO the #10 recruit in the country left because he wont be able to get on the floor next year for us. I love Omaha and wish him well but that is the honest truth. Not like we lost some guy who was gonna put up 15 and 10 for us next year.
Yeah, that is laughable. No doubt I wish Omaha would have stayed and worked on his game here. But you can count on one hand the number of conference games he even played in this year. He would have to make some major improvements to be more than the 8th or 9th guy in the rotation for us next year. Not saying it's impossible...I hope he does it...even if it is at a conference foe. He could very well be on the Ejim path, although he's starting from behind where Ejim was as a FR. It's kind of sad that these days a player would rather move on than stay and develop, but it is what it is. I'm sad he left just because he has a lot of potential, was an in-state kid and by all accounts a good kid. But him leaving does not hurt the team at all. With the portal, we have a good chance of it being an improvement at least short term.


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Apr 3, 2020
Muscatine, IA
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