PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

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Mar 17, 2012
SW Iowa
;) Maybe put a brewery in it, there always seems to be enough beer drinkers at games that it would cover all the deficits in the A.D. I"ve seen some of the crap people drink, and Blatz lite would be an improvement.


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Aug 22, 2011
Pollard is sitting and laughing at how easily he conned some of you into turning on Ames at the drop of a hat. Lemmings.
I don't think Pollard really had to convince that many people. There has been a lot of animosity for the city of Ames and its leadership for a long time.


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Apr 24, 2010
Carmel, IN
The fixation so many people have on CY Stephens in this discussion (here and in the real world) is almost painful. Yes - that was the specific feature Pollard mentioned closing due to budgetary concerns. But if you dig just a little deeper (and as he confirmed in his podcast), closing Stephens was never a real option. The rise he got from mentioning Stephens by name was simply much more than if he had said "Iowa State Center" - everyone just instantly knows and has attachment to CY Stephens. No one says to themselves 'I really can't wait for the next event at the Iowa State Center.' So now that he has everyone's attention (athletic and fine arts supports alike), further discussion of specifically Stephens misses the point. The real outcome (and Pollard's primary goal, which he achieved) is increased awareness of budget shortfalls and the interconnected consequences of seemingly separate decisions.
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Jun 2, 2016
Wealth is in your heart, my son, not in your billfold. Continue to follow the cyclones and you'll be blessed with wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
You forgot to tell me that it will not realized here on Earth but only when I reach the imaginary Heaven. It is always unrealized and unseen.


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Jun 14, 2007
At first, I was annoyed that ISU didn't implement a three tier two game mini-pack for 10,000 per pack - which would have made the entire fan base happy to see two games each instead of the worrying about telling some fans they couldn't go. However, after hearing that so many are opting out, I might get to see more than 2 games myself, as I am not opting out under any conditions.

Never surrender!

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