ISF Diamond Jack's Tax Evasion Charges

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    KCCI and others have story on this too if you don't want to read the Rag's version. I was just there last week for a dinner event at the Iowa Beef Expo so this is a bit surprising as this place has been a staple on the fairgrounds for a long time. Apparently part of this is from concession sales at the Clay County Fair too which if anyone has been to that knows it is basically like a smaller version of the state fair as it is not your average size Iowa county fair.

    Apparently all the buildings on the state fairgrounds are owned by the state fair then leased to concession owners so my guess is Diamond Jack's won't be closed permanently but just reassigned to new operators. That place is right next to the Iowa Craft Beer Tent that usually has a lot of live music during the state fair so it's probably a very lucrative place that there will be no shortage of people wanting to operate it.
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    The IRS has several years of ISF data, and based on which day of the week it was, what the weather conditions were, what the daily attendance figures were, where your location was and what your product was, they know within a very narrow margin how much money you made. Do not try to fool them.
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