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    IMO Greg McDermott is a solid coach when it comes to X's & O's and game time decisions. Outside the lines I think he makes sure the kids he brings into ISU are solid citizens and work hard at being good student athletes. The later reason is why I am willing to support GMAC and give him time to build the ISU hoops program into a Big 12 winner. He has a mulligan again this year- but I expect to see significant strides during the 09/10 season.

    When GMAC was hired a number of posters were concerned about GMAC's ability to recruit Big 12 quality players and IMO those issues are the source of ISU's woes. Some posters continue to blame the roster turnover when Wayne Morgan departed & IMO those posters need to move on- that is ancient history.

    Since GMAC has become coach, he has recruited 17 players to ISU- that is more than enough opportunities to create a solid program instead of a team that loses to a POOR CU team in Boulder or a less talented SDSU team at Hilton.

    Let’s look back at GMAC's recruits and I'll characterize them:

    2 kids left & didn't play enough to draw conclusions about their ability (I'm giving these guys the benefit of the doubt)

    • Brister
    • Vette
    2 players left that were not Big 12 players (I measure this by kids who would start or be top bench players on an NCAA Tournament quality team)

    • McIntosh
    • Cory Johnson
    1 player left that was a Big 12 bench player

    • Dodie Dunson
    2 players left that were Big 12 starters

    • Michael Taylor
    • Wesley Johnson
    Having 7 of 17 recruits leave the program for whatever reason is way too many to create a stable program that isn't always in a rebuilding mode. A Texas or KU type program that recruits top tier recruits might be able to deal with those types of defections, but not ISU. Since 5 of the 7 were in GMAC’s first recruiting class, which he had to put together in a matter of weeks I am willing to give him some slack on player turnover.

    Should we be optimistic about the future? Here’s my evaluation of much of our current roster and I will categorize kids by how they fit into a quality Big 12 roster. IMO a quality Big 12 roster is characterized by the following:
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]2 top scorers, guys who consistently get 15-20ppg, ideally one is a post player and one a guard.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]1 guy who is capable of being a top scorer, but is willing to defer offensively- a 10-12ppg player. This guy has the knack of stepping up when a top scorer has an off night. Typically, this is a frosh/soph who will develop into a top scorer by the time he’s a jr/sr.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]1 role scorer – this guy is an efficient scorer. Whether a guy who get his points on offensive rebounds or solid 3 point threat. This guy contributes 8-10ppg.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]1 role player – this guy may not score more than 5-7 ppg. But he is a lock-down defender, solid rebounder, shot blocker, top assist man or efficient 3 point scorer.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]A solid bench. A good bench will consistently score 12-15ppg and have guys who can fill roles of instant offense, shut down defender, space eater in the paint.

    Here’s how I look at what is our current roster:

    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Top Scorer – Brackins (Taylor & W. Johnson were these types of players, but the fact we only have 1 on our current roster is a BIG problem.)
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Potential Top Scorer – NOT on Roster
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Role Scorer – Staiger. I would hope Lucca would be more than a 4th option, but he hasn’t shown the ability to create his own shot. Is he still slowed by his knee injury or is he a designated 3 point shooter?
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Role Player – Garrett. He tries to fill the void as a top or potential scorer, but I just don’t see the ability. IMO he can be a solid role player but needs to get stronger to develop into a solid PG or lock down defender.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Solid Bench – Petersen & Hamilton. On a good Big 12 team these guys would be 8th or 9th men. For ISU they start.

    What is the potential of our current roster?
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]I think Hamilton will be All Big 12 by his jr/sr season and develop into a 3rd option on offense.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Buckley – hasn’t gotten much PT, but I haven’t seen anything to indicate more than a solid bench player or role player.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Eikmeier has gotten more PT, I haven’t seen anything to indicate he’s more than a role player or solid bench player.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Vanderbeken is a bench player, but maybe only a 8th or 9th option.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Mann – He hasn’t played much to make a fair evaluation, but I see another Cory Johnson.
    §[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Pomlee – Based on his HS days his max abilities might be that of a 4th or 5th option as a starter.

    [FONT=&quot]If GMAC is to be ISU’s coach over the long term – Gilstrap & Colvin need to be quality Big 12 starters. We don’t need more role players. I hope that GMAC’s next recruiting class has some guys who can be top or potential top scorers.[/FONT]
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    I don't know... for example, why is a guy 6-foot 5-inches tall and 225 pounds averaging ZERO points inside the 3-point line?
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    Good points, but in regards to Cory Johnson if I m not mistaken he was recruited and committed to the previous staff and honored his committment through the coaching change and ultimately transferred for more playing time say what you will but he was a solid bench player and could provide energy.
    Mcintosh was recruited for need to provide depth due to almost everyone on the team leaving and I thought i remember him leaving because of a falling out between him and Mike Taylor.
    Mike Taylor was a solid B12 player who was turnover prone, but still a quality guard and was forced off the team by ill-advised decision making.
    Dodie Dunson was a solid spark off the bench and would be an asset today and I believe he transferred to be closer to home and maybe a possible learning disability.
    Wesley Johnson is really the only player who jumped ship because of coach Mcdermott and that mostly because of family members giving Wesley bad advice.
    I wish we were farther ahead in our development as a team, but we just aren't mostly due to young players being 18 to 22 year olds making decisions that not only affect themselves, but the rest of their teammates and coaches. I agree Mcdermott is a great X's and O's coach and he seems to have a great ability to spot talent at a young age. Just think of all the kids that we were one of the first school's to offer a scholarship only to have name programs came in later for the commit. Hopefully everything comes together next year, but until then we just have to stay positive take the good with the bad cheer and support this team as if it were a title contender and the W's will come.
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    Excellent write up about what it takes to succeed in the Big 12. I think Mac's problems can be boiled down to 2 things. First, he lost his best player 3 years in a row. I count Blalock as the first year. He definitely should have come back. The next 2 years it was Taylor and Wesley. There was very little Mac could have done to control this. If you add anyone of those guys back in, I think you would get an additional 5+ wins. The second problem is that Mac is recuriting MVC players to come in and start in the Big 12. It might be to early to pass judgment but Eik, Buckley and Mann just seem better suited for the MVC. I know they are only freshmen but if you cannot get minutes as a freshmen on awful team how are you going to get minutes on a good team when you are an upper class men.
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    This is a good point but I think Greg tries not to put too much on freshman. I do hope Buck gets some more minutes though.

    This is a good thread, thanks guys,
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    Huh? GMac's Problem? It is crystal clear that he has the program headed in the right direction. Why do you hate this man so much? You are another fair weather ISU fan!

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    Very well said 86. I tend to agree on a lot of points. I'm not calling for his head but I'm not willing to give him a complete pass for all the player defections and role players he has recruited either. Ultimately, the buck has to stop with the head coach and continually alluding to youth and execution as reasons why we are not winning will not be viable next year.
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    I'm willing to give Greg Mac as many years as it takes to get us to the ncaa tourney...

    as long as jamie wants greg to be here I'm all for it ....

    Im here for the long haul....and so is Jamie and Greg:smile:
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    As someone who saw a lot of Vette in HS, he was a ways away from being a source of any meaningful minutes, at least right away.
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    In his first year here, McDermott said he couldn't discipline Taylor for doing stupid things (on court) because he didn't have anyone to bring into the games. I don't think that should be the case in his 3rd year. Maybe it's time for some tough love. This is an interesting article from the Ames Trib. discussing some of the problems: Go Cyclones - Cyclones getting sick of their own excuses . It is my opinion that this team has one (1) big 12 caliber player.
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    I'm here for the long haul too...I just didn't think it was going to be this long of a haul.

    The OP's analysis was pretty solid I'd say. Gilstrap MUST come in next year and be an immediate impact scorer for us to be successful. Also for us to be successful...I think Colvin must come in and break the trend of struggling freshman point guards.

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    I have to chirp in on this as i've heard a story about one of the potential scorers....'s the story as i've heard it....

    One of ESPN's basketball analysts recently had the chance to see M. Gilstrap play. He later confided in McDermott - "How did you steal this kid to Ames.....He may be one of the top 10 most talented all around players i've seen in the last 5 years and it appeared in the game that he watched that he could score on anyone at anytime - VERY SIMILAR to Kevin Durant".

    Now, i cannot validate any of this as i didnt hear this first hand, but, the person who told that is associated with the program and was standing close enough to mcdermott that he heard the comment. Plus the person who told me don't follow the recruiting very hard, all he knew was that the player being discussed was a JUCO player that was coming into Ames next year - i helped him with the name.

    I'm as upset as anyone, our team relys on three pointers and we dont have a single reliable three point shooter. Our point guard wants to run, but, we dont want him to run. Our defense is terrible - in the kansas game all it took was a pick and one of the two would be wide open, just terrible defense all around.

    I don't know what Colvin and Gilstrap will bring to the table - but, i know the athleticism and size they bring will be an upgrade that is desperately needed.
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    From things I am hearing in the panhandle, I will be pretty suprised to see Gilstrap in Ames...
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    Straight to the NBA then? He's signed a LOI - but if he's really that good, is quite old and has a child...
  15. cybsball20

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    The guy I heard this from isn't connected to Gilstrap or the school, but knows alot of people in JC basketball in Florida. He basically said that since it doesn't look like he will get a second year he is second guessing uprooting his family for less than a year just to move again. Even if it's not the NBA he may be looking to make some money somewhere...

    Again, not sure how reliable this info is, but I trust the guy...
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    God that would be a complete disaster.
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    And quite fitting for us.
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    Hopefully he is being upfront with the Mac. It would take a miracle, but there are still 2 months to go after a late blooming spring signing replacement. There is no chance to match the talent of Gilstrap, but almost any semi-athletic wing would be an upgrade to the present roster.
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    #19 jbhtexas, Jan 29, 2009
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    I asked this question yesterday and didn't get an answer, so I'll ask it again. On what do you base this opinion?

    Through the last conference stat release (5 or 6 games for each team), on average:

    ISU is last in PPG (58.8)
    ISU is last in FG% (.396)
    ISU is 11th in 3PFG% (.303)
    ISU is last in FTA (14.6)
    ISU is 8th in FGA (53.6)
    ISU is 5th in scoring defense (68.8)

    Turnovers are interesting. ISU is third best with 13 TO per game, but 11th in TO margin per game, as the defense only causes 9.2 TOs.

    The defense is not bad, but the offense is not scoring enough for various reasons (not shooting well, not enough FG or FT attempts, turnovers, etc...)

    One of the marks of a "solid" coach is to take what you have and make it better, or take what you have and win with it. It will be interesting to come back at the end of conference play and see if ISU has improved in any of these offensive statistics.

    The prevailing opinion here seems to be that ISU is struggling because of talent deficiency. I agree that this is an issue. However, I also believe that ISU just isn't getting enough scoring attempts to be successful in the Big 12, and I believe that to be a coaching/preparation issue. And I also believe that the poor shooting percentage, in addition to player skill issues, is also due to running offensive sets that do not producing enough easy scores. Is ISU's talent/experience really that bad relative to the rest of the Big 12 such that ISU should be near/at the bottom in as many offensive categories as they are? I just have a hard time believing that...
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    By 2012, Hilton will be rocking. It takes an eon to build a village.

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