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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GrindingAway, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Has anyone done one of the Alumni Association trips?

    The wife and I are celebrating a milestone anniversary next year. I've been traveling a ton for work so 1) I have a ton of frequent flier miles and 2) I've been in Europe a ton this year and she says it's time that she gets to go.

    I thought one of the association trips might be nice to avoid having to do too much detail planning. Plus if there were other fun Cyclones along it would be fun.

    My main concern is the age group of the people that attend. This might be a stereotype but I'm picturing a pretty old crowd. No offense to the older crowd but I'd rather avoid early dinners and sitting around complaining about all the people in Hilton that sit behind them and never sit down.
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    My guess is you won't like these trips. I have never been, but they seem pricey and stiff. How come you haven't taken her with you and then plan your own vacation at the end of the business trip? Let HER plan everything.

    I dread the thought of when, because of health/age I will be on one of these trips.
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    My parents travel a lot--at least 2-3 times a year stateside and international. When they travel internationally they go through a travel agent. That gives them the flexibility to join different tours at different points on their trip--they never specifically travel with a certain group. Right now they are in Germany for a few weeks and then will go on a river cruise for 16 days. They meet lots of different people that way.

    They are going on their first trip with the AA early next year, so I can't speak of what the age range is on the trips. Part may depend on what kind of excursions are offered--my parents travel a lot, but with 2 titanium hips my Dad can't handle a whole lot of walking. I do know the price was more than what they typically spend going through their own travel agent.

    Bonus of them traveling every winter is we get to use their basketball seats. They sit front row balcony so you won't hear them complaining about those standing up behind them. ;)

    My husband and I will be celebrating a milestone anniversary the next time the Cyclones can go to the Hawaii bball tourney. I have been to Hawaii but he hasn't, so I figured that would be the perfect time to go. :)

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