images from spring volleyball match against Nebraska

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Watched the last post-match extra set. We show signs of having some good parts but need to put it together.

    Mackenzie Bigbee, playing on a sprained ankle, led the ISU attack with 11 kills. Hurtt and Vondrak each recorded 10 kills, Vondrak getting hers at a .333 hitting percentage. ISU and Nebraska each finished with 51 digs, with Caitlin Nolan leading the Cyclones with 18 digs. Horner guided the ISU offense with 41 assists.

    Harris and West are going to be strong additions as servers too. Horner seems to be fitting in well. Knuth is rehabing and was not available.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    It would be interesting to get Coach CJL's take on the spring season.

    Seemed like the coaches were taking full advantage of the game situations and taking time to individually coach many of the players during the match.

    Thus seems like a success in terms of quality competition and player development.

    The team overall showed some of the same weaknesses as last fall (errors, blocking, fitness). But given the injuries and having a new setter, they were more competitive than I might have expected. It's clear that Horner is the type of setter the team will thrive with (and was missing last fall).

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