If you're as big a dolt as I am, this may help

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    I posted above about trying to get my yahoMy o mail back. This is the rest of the story.

    I went to the bank to order a second debit card. Only one card per authorized user, so I opened a second account. Left for ecuador 2 each debit card and credit card. One credit card had more than enough limit, the other was newish and I dont use either one much, so I didn't pay much attentions to the limits.

    Lost my billfold in DSM. It was turned in so I only lost access to a debit card, credit card and cash. I had forgotten to activate the debit card, so I was living off the credit card. If I couldn't charge it, I didn't buy it. I did buy a; new computer and set up a new e-mail account.
    Went into a bank to see if I could get the debit card activated. They had my passport and only had to make a toll free call, but wouldn't do it. Several other people tried to make the call, but couldn't get through. I finally figured out that somebody in US could make the call. Since I don't have e-mail addresses memorized, I contacted a local bike shop. I know it sounded like a scam, so he didn't do anything. When I sent a second one prodding for some action, he told me he didn't recognize the my e-mail address, nor my signature. I replied with my normal address and my signature.

    My debit card started working the next morning. Which was a very good thing. I had just reached the limit on that card. I was stranger in a strange land without a dinero (ecu is actually on the dollar) to my name.

    Some take aways:
    Make copies of ID's - passport and drivers license. Put the passport in hotel safe.
    Verify that all cards work and have enough money or headroom on your credit limits to be useful. I had enough money on my debit card to buy a one way ticket home, which actually cost a couple $ more than the round trip ticket.
    I will hide cash in places like rolled up socks, linings of baggage, and even in the suspension of a backpack. YMMV I use a billfold that hangs from my neck and keep it under my shirt to protect against pickpockets.
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    Dude that's nothing. You could be this guy.
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    Oh. My. Gosh.
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    How do you lose a billfold that hangs from your neck?

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