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    The new headcoach of the Kansas City Chiefs on there website. He will not discuss anything that does not directly concern his position. If you want to know talk to the people involved. I love it stay focused on coaching and not as a mediator.

    Kansas City Chiefs - Q&A with Head Coach Todd Haley

    Q: Was RB Larry Johnson on hand today?

    HALEY: “One thing I am not going to do is have this become a roll call. Like I said, we had over 60 players which I was really excited about. That is what I am going to leave it at. Again, this won’t be a roll call out here.â€￾

    Q: What is your relationship like with RB Larry Johnson at this point and where do things stand with his grievance?

    HALEY: “I’ll stay out of the grievance business, that is for somebody else to talk about. This is a clean slate for the entire group of Kansas City Chiefs as far as I am concerned and I have said that a couple times. We are at ground zero and this is an opportunity for everybody. That is the way myself and my staff are looking at each and every player.â€￾

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