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Aug 17, 2009
When I was teaching at ISU, I definitely got "the talk" about who you can discuss things about a student's performance with... and it was a very short list...

-- the student themselves (not their parents, these are college students)
-- the departmental academic adviser
-- their academic adviser (if not a major in the department)
-- the department chair

Discuss it with the department chair before even considering talking to somebody else about it, including people from the central headquarters of the college.

That it is.

Anything else is a serious violation of policy on your part.

I don't get it, either. Prohm is a boy scout if there ever was one.

Technically, it seems that it would be a violation to say something positive too, like, "________[insert player's name] is doing much better in the classroom this semester."
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Mar 10, 2009
Behind you
Ive learned a lot perusing HR and HN today...been waiting to use this...finally someone popped their head up...

Why the **** are you are here shitstain? Go back to your **** faced logo club forum where all they do is suck Fran’s **** and pretend like it’s 1987. Pathetic loser pig ******.
Take THAT Tuesday.

Love your fire.
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Apr 12, 2006

My daughter teaches at Oskaloosa High School. She has had him in one of her classes. Here is, verbatim, the text she sent me a few minutes ago:

“Don’t be upset about Xavier Foster’s choice. He’s an academic nightmare, arrogant, and has next to nothing for work ethic.”

Sounds like a perfect fit for ISU.

This is not “sour grapes” from her, either. She cares nothing about sports. About a year ago I jokingly asked her to tell Foster to go to Iowa or she will flunk him. Her reply was much the same as her text.

I hope all the best for the kid, but the NBA may not be the sure thing he thinks it is.
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I really do not know the academic standards for either school, but judging by the outside, it seems like ISU might help him more with that than Iowa would. Seems like Iowa would hold their players more accountable than ISU. That's just my outside observation, is there any truth to my outside view? Other than what I've observed over the years in football and basketball, it seems that Iowa holds them more accountable.


sour grapes
Crazy that your daughter would break student confidentiality rules. Does the Human Resources and legal departments know she is doing this?
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Cat Stevens

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Mar 7, 2017
I agree, he's a solid role player. It was a disaster putting him at PG a couple years ago, just a terrible move by Fran. Wrong tool for the job.

Jorbo is a poor man's Brady Heslip. Maybe a homeless man's Brady Heslip.
he’s a less athletic Phil forte.
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