Hallie Named to Naismith Top 50 Watch List

Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by twistedredbird, Nov 25, 2013.

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    And when they watch they will see something special...a gifted outstanding athlete, a scholar, and one of the nicest young women you'll ever meet.

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    She is the most amazing all around player that I have seen at ISU. She has an outside game - a mid range game - a close to the basket game - she rebounds - she defends - she can handle the ball - she shoots a high percentage from everywhere on the court. Truly amazing.
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    She is this years WBB Della Don (sp?). Can score whenever, wherever. Not quite as silky smooth as DD but man oh man is Hallie fun to watch.

    This is kind of like Bolte's senior year where had to rely heavily on a senior to do everything... but this year we have a much better supporting cast. Should be an exciting year for the sisters!
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    What I can say about Hallie, many have said before more articulately. But as we followed her recruitment there were questions whether she could produce at the D-1 level like she produced in HS. As a freshmen she showed she could. After a slight sophomore slump she grew into a big time player last year and is now at the threshold of greatness. Absolutely love this Iowa kid and want to see her win this award though reality is not on her side. Go get it Hallie!
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    Mar 14, 2011
    Posted this in an earlier Hallie thread.

    Hallie was also listed as being considered for national player of the week this week by espnW:
    "...Also considered: Hallie Christofferson, Iowa State; Atonye Nynigifa, UCLA; Jennifer Schlott, Utah State."
    Baylor Lady Bears' Odyssey Sims is espnW's player of the week - ESPN

    It's good to see that she is on the national radar.
  6. SerenityNow

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    I can definitely see her not only being drafted, but having a nice long career in the WNBA. She does it all, and since she's 6'3" and can shoot from anywhere - including 3 point land - that gives her the edge that other recently drafted Cyclones that didn't stick didn't have.

    My daughter went to the Cyclone BB camp this summer, and she loved Anna and Hallie. She liked all the women that were there and helped, but those 2 stuck out to her in how nice and open they were with all the girls.

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