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Discussion in 'Football' started by mustangcy, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Man, what would have happened if Majors would have stayed at ISU? I really don't much about him which is why I loved this interview but I'm very impressed. He doesn't seem to have an ounce of BS in his body...if he say's PR is the man for the job, by god I believe him.

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    I had graduated by the time we hired Majors but I was still in the area. You can't believe the change in the players and fans when he came in. None of us knew him but once you met him, you were hooked. A quarterback told me that under Stapleton a player didn't mind getting hurt because they could avoid playing yet keep their scholarship. Under Majors the trainer had trouble keeping them off the field because they wanted to play so badly. The Cyclone Club membership exploded and the games were all sell-outs and really, really loud. At a game with Nebraska, two guys from Iowa were sitting below me. The game experience (we tied) was so intense that they decided to switch schools.

    If we won, Majors used to let the public into the locker rooms after a game. That's where I met the players and their parents. I got to see Keith Krepfle (tightend later with the Philadelphia Eagles) try to put on Chris Taylor's shoulder pads; he couldn't keep them on his shoulders. As you may know, Chris never got a chance to play football for us because they couldn't find a helmet big enough to fit him.

    Majors always kept things interesting. He always had new trick plays for every game, he made practices interesting by running a play of the week from last week's game -- backwards. The players wore white shoes and were allowed to decorate the shoes the way they wanted. I'd guess players decorate wrist bands now or wear tee shirts to accomplish the same thing.

    Majors kept the team's spirit at the proper level. He believed you could only "geek-up" a team, two or three times a year. Try more than that and the team became jaded and wouldn't respond. Majors handled the mental and had the assistants handle the technical. I don't remember Jimmie Johnson but Jackie Sherrill was forefront. He was the ultimate technical guy. He knew the game so well he could identify and fix problems very well during the game. Against San Diego, the defensive linemen were being held allowing San Diego to stay close. Sherrill told the linemen to deliver an uppercut -- problem solved. The offensive linemen kept their hands in after that and the defense went to work.

    I hope that Rhoads is in the Majors mode. If so, we'll do very well; very well indeed.
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    "Iowa has fewer phony's per capita than any other state in the Union" Love that quote...

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