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    Texas coach Mack Brown said during today's Big 12 teleconference that he wants the Longhorns to remain in the conference. "I've got really good bosses who understand conference realignment better than I do. I think the University of Texas wants to stay in the Big 12. I want to stay in the Big 12." Brown went on to say he is concerned about players and their parents, if schools lose their regional connection and travel become too extreme. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said he has been consulted about a possible move to the Pac 12, but passed on a chance to elaborate. "My comment on it is what it has been...I leave that in the hands of my president and my athletic director." Oklahoma and Texas regents are meeting this afternoon. Stoops was asked about the impact of fans and travel. He said everyone favors keeping geographic rivalries, but added... "At the end of the day, as the landscape changes you have to change with it." Kansas State coach Bill Snyder was asked about conference realignment being a distraction to players: "I can't tell you it's an easy process, but young people are pretty resilient." Of the Big 12 possibly folding, Snyder said, "It would be very disheartening." Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads said he has not talked with his team about realignment. "Until there is some finality with things, there's no need to have discussions about it. Their focus is on tomorrow's workout and then Wednesday's practice and so forth. That's exactly where I'd like them to be." COACHES' COMMENTS Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads At what point does he talk with his players about realignment? “Until there is some finality with things, there’s no need to have discussions about it. Their focus is on tomorrow’s workout and then Wedneday’s practice and so forth. That’s exactly where I’d like them to be. They know they don’t have a say in it, and they know I don’t have say.†Kansas State’s Bill Snyder On the possibility of the Big 12 disbanding “It would be disheartening to me. Families don’t disintergrate because of problems, they work them out.†Conference realignment: Mack Brown wants to stay in Big 12; other coaches weigh in | The Des Moines Register |
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    My brother in law works for OU. He claims Stoops wants to go to PAC 12 and is driving their decision.
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    Uhh... this quote is pretty funny coming from someone who's actively trying to change the landscape. :confused:
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    Good Bye and Good Riddance to Bobby Stupid Stoops and the dust bowl okies...

    and Hello Big East Conference !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Perhaps the "Big12/BigEast" merger was posturing on the part of the forgotten 5? A way to tell A&M/UT/TTU/OU/OSU, "yeah, we aren't going to let those exit fees slide without a fight"
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    No way, there can't be a good article in the DM Reg!!:jimlad:

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