G-7 Parking Pass Trade plus few tickets

Discussion in 'Football' started by KcClone01, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    I am looking to make a trade/sale/deal with that said....

    I have available, 2 tickets section 3 Row 13 for SDSU and the Nebraska game. I have a G-7 parking pass for all of the games that is also on the table.

    I am looking for one of a couple different options, I need either a B-4 or C-4 parking pass for the homecoming game. Or if someone is willing to part with an A-1 or D-1 parking pass for Kent State, KU, TX A&M, and Missouri Game.

    I am new to Cyclone Fanatic, although not a new cyclone fan (cyclone since I was born) and we have been travelling up to Ames from KC the last 4 years almost every saturday in the fall, not to mention road games within driving distance.

    Looking forward to another great cyclone season. Hit me with a message or a thread, if you're interested.

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