NFL: Franchise Quarterbacks Grow on Trees

Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by CloneBack, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Threads on franchise quarterbacks growing on trees evidently grow on trees too.:wink:
  3. gocubs2118

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    If they grew on trees, everyone would have one. Article is dumb as hell.
  4. swarthmoreCY

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    Other articles written by author:
    Signing a class of 2-star guys is just as good as a class of 5-stars!
  5. jbindm

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    Dec 2, 2010
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    This is absolutely ridiculous. The author should go ask the Bears, Dolphins, 49ers, Cardinals, Browns, Panthers, Titans, and Broncos if franchise QBS are that plentiful. Try looking for your franchise QB in the later rounds of the draft year after year and see how long you last in that town.
  6. Tedcyclone

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    this is why the NFL needs a rookie salary cap... no one wants the first few picks anymore, and if they were smart they wouldnt want any 1st round picks because of money. not that they dont have the money but because as a business owner they are better served getting more picks in the 2nd round on then less picks with first rounders.

    i agree. i would not take most offensive players besides offensive lineman or a possible receiver like calvin johnson in the 1st round. Id stick to d ends, d tackles, linebackers.. anyone you dont have to pay as much.

    seems the league is catching on also with i think 8 of the first 10 picks projected to be picked are all defensive players.
  7. jbindm

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    The deals for the first ten picks or so are extremely bloated, but after that the contracts for mid to low first round picks are pretty palatable for teams. I just think that fanbases generally aren't pleased with high picks that aren't "skill position" guys. If a GM tries to build a team with defensive and trench guys as his high picks, he won't stick around long enough to reap the rewards. So it's a catch 22 of sorts for NFL decision makers.

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