Football Gameplan's Pinstripe Bowl Video Preview

Discussion in 'Football' started by EmDiggy, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. EmDiggy

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    [ame=""]Iowa State v Rutgers Bowl Preview Video[/ame]

    Good evening Cyclone fans! Good luck this week!

  2. FDCy83

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    May 15, 2008
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    Nice preview. Too bad they could only show clips from the OSU game, like that is the only good team we beat. Also noted the expert thinks our secondary is the best part of our defense. Seems they do not know Mr. Kline and Mr. Knott.

    JUKEBOX Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2008
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    Alright! Cyclones favored to win!
  4. motorCYcle

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    Not attempting to discredit him or anything, but he mention Rutgers running game is strong and allows them to stay in games. I haven't watched any Rutgers games, but looking at statistics, they are 115 out of 120 D I-A schools in rushing, averaging 91.5 yds/gm. For reference, Iowa State is 38th, averaging 181.2 yds/gm. Maybe rushing has picked up later in the season?
  5. cyclonespiker33

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    You may need to meet Mr. Klein as well
  6. blitz8ru

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    Dec 5, 2011
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    Yeah it's off base... Our desired offense is a power offense dominating the time of possession with the power run game with play action passing and passes on 3rd and long (think Wisconsin before Russel Wilson)... We are getting there... we have seen glimpses of our potential O but due to inconsistent OL play we have been inconsistent on O...

    Against Cincinnati in November (#2 rush D at the time) we put up over 200 yds rushing thus we dominated time of possession, kept our D fresh (I think one of our drives was 8min long) with the opposing D constantly tired by remaining on the field... That's the type of offense we played during our 11-2 season in 2006 (ranked #12 in BCS) and that's the type of offense we want to get back to (away from the spread O disaster of 2009-2010).

    On the flip side we have had 2 to 3 games of minus rushing yards and quite a few games with rushing yds below 50yds... Our senior center is inconsistent and blocking by our young guards and tackles (freshmen and sophomores) in the run game is inconsistent.

    Our 5* true freshmen RB (Savon Huggins) was injured half way through the regular season, a 4* Junior RB quit the team at the end of September due to being demoted from starter to 4th string (he wasn't producing). A redshirt freshmen RB (Jamison) is currently our starting RB and only recently (Nov) has been able to trust his blockers to create holes for him...

    Behind Jamison (exhibits flashes of former RU RB Ray RIce) we have a true Sophomore in Deering whom is playing out of position (should be a WR, runs too upright). In the uconn game Jamison was hurt for the majority of the game making our running game ineffective (Deering is a great change of pace back but not an every down back). Unfortunately our depth at RB is poor due to transfers, injuries and redshirts...

    So poor OL and RB play due to youth has plagued our run game this season (though miles better then last season). Our OL is better at pass protection then run blocking but our QBs are pretty young (true sophomore and true freshmen).

    Chas Dodd (true sophomore) is pretty much a spread QB in a pro system. He was recruited during our transition to the dreaded spread O and was the starting QB at national power Byrnes HS in SC with Marcus Lattimore at RB... He is accurate when given time and doesn't turn the ball over much... He can make all the throws except middle and short intermediate throws fairly accurately (throws like a gunslinger). Doesn't throw well on the run... He is pretty good when given 4 to 5 sec in the pocket and is mobile enough to pick up first downs with his feet. He is our low risk, low reward QB...

    Gary Nova (true freshmen) is a prototypical pro QB. Was the starting QB for national HS power (currently #1) Don Bosco prep in NJ. VERY shifty in the pocket, can make all the throws, can throw on the run, makes pass rushers miss. Doesn't have it between the ears yet imo... Makes A LOT of boneheaded decisions... Intentional grounding, throwing past the line of scrimmage, delay of game, ints into triple coverage, not throwing the ball away, fumbles, throwing across his body late in the play without really looking... You get the idea... He is our high risk, high reward QB. He will be put in if we have nothing to lose... In the uconn game in 1 quarter (4th quarter) he had 298yds, 2 TDs, 2 ints, 2 fumbles, a bunch of sacks due to poor decisions and other stupid stuff...

    Our WRs would probably be the best unit in the BE if they could catch consistently. Physically they are an elite group... But all are pretty young (no seniors). Had A LOT of sure TDs dropped earlier in the season (lost UNC, and louisville games because of this, ended up losing each game by 2pts). 6-6 redshirt freshmen Brandon Colemen has started to catch balls thrown his way the past few times. 6-4 redshirt junior Tim Wright is comming back from a torn ACL injury so doesn't play 100% but catches most balls thrown his way. 6-3 true junior Mark Harrison (had over 800yds receiving last) had been inconsistent with catching the ball but is coming around now. 6-2 redshirt sophomore Quaron Pratt is probably the most clutch WR in terms of catching the ball after Mohammad Sanu. 6-2 true junior Mohammad Sanu is probably our most clutch receiver, rarely drops the ball, makes acrobatic catches and tough catches routinely.

    We have some good physical TEs whom catch the ball well but are usually held in to pass block. Our FBs can also run and catch well with blocking being inconsistent depending on the FB.

    So that is an overview of our offense (longer then intended). Frankly I am more worried about how our O does against your D then how your O does against our D (no flame)... If our RB Jamison is healthy all game and your DL isn't controlling the LOS against our OL we will play the power run game all day and keep your O on the bench. The QBs will occasionally make short throws, take shots down field and play action to keep your defense from cheating by bringing up your safteys for run support. That is IF we control the LOS... If not we won't be able to do **** on offense...

    On defense our NT will aim to eat up 2 blockers with the other DL and LBs shooting the gaps or falling back into coverage as the play dictates. Our aim would be to continually force 3rd and long. We have a pretty good secondary to shut down WRs in those situations...


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