Fight breaks out at Mizzou stop of And1 Tour

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  1. I don't know if anybody talked about this or not but a fight broke out at the And1 tourstop in Columbia. Apparently it started partially due to a hard foul by Jason Sutherland (not all that surprising for anyone that remembers him) and erupted when one of the And1 guys took him into the first row on a three point attempt. The Columbia team was made up of Mizzou alumni and local high school kids.

    Here's the story: ‘A very bad shame’
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    Jason Sutherland in a fight? NOOOOOoooooo!:rolleyes5cz:
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    I was working a basketball tournament in the early 1990s and there was a team from South Dakota. I was talking to the coach and I mentioned Sutherland's name. He told me that Sutherland was playing in an opponent's gym. Sutherland did a reverse 2 hand dunk and and then right after the dunk, he flipped off the crowd.

    Definitely not a front runner for any Mr. Congeniality awards...
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    If Sandra Bullock can win one in the movie Miss Congeniality, I think the has a shot at reform. :wink0st:

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