Family Weekend Video


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Aug 31, 2013
Des Moines, IA
I figured this would be a fun first thread for me. I was getting sick of all the negativity on here after the Baylor game. Bottom line: It doesn't matter how we played last week anymore. What matters is where we go from there. I can't speak for everyone else as far as where we'll be on Saturday or how confident we'll be going into the game, but I will be there at Jack Trice Stadium and I will be behind my team 100%. Maybe it is a less than stellar year, but the spirit of this team keeps going. I look at the last time Oklahoma State visited Ames as a perfect example. Our team is getting ready for next week and I feel like we, the fans, should be too.


As far as the highlights, that game and speech were the only things I could run through due to my lack of time available (Current Student) and no videos being available as far as I could find from last year's game vs them. I am one of those who feel we should stop living in games from seasons ago and focus on this year, but I feel like the energy from that night is something we need to continue to help pull this fan base and team up to this season. In case you were wondering the audio was composed and produced by myself as well. Hope you guys like and enjoy some of this Kool-Aid.