Eastern Washington to install red turf for fball field

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    CHENEY, Wash. -- The nicknames are already flying and Eastern Washington University hasn't even begun installing its new artificial turf.
    The Slaughterhouse. The Blood Rug. The Bordello Bowl.
    Athletic director Bill Chaves was seeking attention last month and sure got it when he announced that the turf would be red.
    "The uniqueness of the red field was able to generate an amazing amount of publicity," Chaves said.
    It also has generated donations. Michael Roos, an Eastern Washington alumnus who is a lineman for the NFL's Tennessee Titans[​IMG], kicked the drive off with a $500,000 donation. ESPN broadcaster Colin Cowherd, also an EWU graduate, threw in $50,000.
    Money continues to pour in toward the $1 million needed to roll out the red carpet on Sept. 18 against Montana.
    Eastern Washington, located in this suburb outside Spokane, has long been a successful FCS program in the Big Sky Conference[​IMG]. But the Eagles have never gotten much national recognition, or even that much local attention. Attendance is usually around 5,000 for football games at Woodward Field, a tiny stadium on the edge of town that is surrounded by wheat fields.
    The best-known artificial turf in the nation is the blue field at Boise State[​IMG], and Chaves was visiting that campus last July when the red light bulb went off in his head.
    "It was the middle of July and people were coming with cameras," Chaves said. "It was like a scene out of 'Field of Dreams.' You lay it down and people will come."
    The battered natural grass at Woodward Field was due to be replaced by artificial turf. Chaves saw no reason the field couldn't reflect the team's red and white colors.

    Wonder what that will look like
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    I think thats sick

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